Monday, March 31, 2014

You Werk that Up Do!

So, I was running late a week or two (?) ago and threw together this cute hairstyle. I had taken photos of it to share with my friend Denise, and since I'm still working on a weekend recap for you, I figured I'd share it. 

I adore a red lip. Seriously. I loved my make-up that day. So natural but with bold eyebrows and bold lips. Totally effortless but always works! Anyways, that's it from the front. I did the twist braid on both sides, but somehow forgot to get a picture of the other side. Oh well. 

Here is the side view. I wish I would have made the hair on top cover my scalp but eh. Whatever. I added a little headband that I made when I was making jewelry a bunch, for some added bling. It's obviously not revolutionary, but it's easy, it's quick, and it's pretty. Bonus points if you curl your hair first!

I just threw this picture in because look at that winged eyeliner. Looooove it. The back of my hair is just gathered in a crapball. Yes, that is a technical term! This is a really easy hair-do for busy mornings! If you give it a shot, post it to Instagram and tag me, @meganlauriana! 


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