Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thoughts of a Reforming Fat Girl

Situation: In Rally's drive-through picking up lunch for Bryan.

Clerk: Would you like to try our new Brownie batter milkshake?

Megan's Brain: Yes.

Megan: No, thank you.


Situation: At Applebees for a bridesmaid meet and greet.

Waitress: Do you want fries with that?

Megan's brain: Yes.

Megan: No, can I get a side salad?

(At the end of the meal.)

Waitress: Any room for dessert?

Megan's brain: Yes.

Megan: No, I'm stuffed! Thanks.


Situation: While on a walk with my family an ice cream truck drives by.

Bryan: Want an ice cream, babe?

Megan's Brain: Yes.

Megan: Heck no. I've gotta lose weight!


Situation: At Port of Subs grabbing sandwiches.

Employee: What size would you like? Small, Medium or Large?

Megan's Brain: Medium.

Megan: Small... on wheat please.


Situation: Driving by Java Heaven.

Megan's Brain: Ooooh, maybe I should stop and get a coffee.

Megan's Brain: NO.


Situation: Picking up Shepherd from Rick's (father in laws) house.

Rick: Want something to drink?

Megan's Brain: Dr. Pepper.

Megan: Water would be great!


Situation: Coworker brings in cookies.

Coworker: Hey Megan! I brought cookies. Want one?

Megan's Brain: YES!!!!!!!

Megan: Aww, that is so nice of you but no. I can't! Thank you!


It's a sad life I lead.


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