Friday, March 21, 2014

Plum Paper Daily Planner Review (with pictures)

*Psst - I paid for my planner fair and square. Plum Paper doesn't know me from Adam. 

I've been searching for a planner for quite some time now. The last one I had was from the Mead OrganizHer series and I loved it. I actually went back to Target to grab another one and was so sad to see it was gone! I was bummed!

At first I thought, well, I can buy a Erin Condren fancy Life Planner! But when I looked into it I knew it wasn't practical for me. It didn't have everything I needed in a way that I needed it. Ya know?

So, the search went on. Of course I turned to Etsy and that is when I stumbled on Plum Paper Designs Daily Planners.

They have a bunch of different options for covers and varieties of planners. Along with a few others, they have family, school, fitness, regular planners and teacher planners. They are stinkin' adorable, with some customization features.

I went for the family planner, which is really neat. I was able to pick my design, plus add text to the front cover. Each day is separated by multiple sections that you have them customize when they print it.

I chose to have them label as Personal, Work, The Boys, Meals, Finances, Write/Blog, and kept the last one blank for whatever I may need it to be. 

The tabs are really sturdy, and each month is a varies in color. The months also include multiple note pages, and at the very end there are contact pages, special dates for multiple years, and a cute little double-sided pocket!

One feature that I really loved is you get to choose what month your planner starts on. I got a late jump on this so I didn't order until the end of January and it would need about a month to be printed and delivered. I chose for my planner to start in March 2014 and it ends February 2015. That means, every January I can place my order and my new planner shows up by the time my current one ends. I especially love this because December is already so hectic and costly I don't want to spend extra on top of everything else.

We all know January is usually filled with returns and is generally boring, so I love being a bit off schedule with my planner. I also love this because I feel good about recommending it now. Anyone that reads this and is interested in checking it out can do so now, without wasting money on unused months!

The nitty gritty: This planner is $35 - a total steal when compared to the Erin Condren versions. Be forewarned though, they get you on shipping - it's $10! And they use a flat rate parcel padded bag so I know they aren't spending that much to ship it. Still, even with shipping it's less than the Erin Condren version without shipping. Just wanted to keep it real for ya!

Anyways, I've been using it and I love it. It is exactly what I wanted and if you are searching for a planner, I feel completely at peace telling you to go check them out and see if one of their planners work for you!


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