The Music Man

How can I effectively describe my husband to you? It is hard to put him into words. I think I am up to the task, though.

I met Bryan at a friends birthday party. I was 13 and he was almost 15. I was in eighth grade and he was a freshman. We hit it off right away. I was a troubled, shy kid and he was outgoing and sweet.

We met again at a church function and I slipped him my phone number. It was the first time I had ever been so bold. From there, we talked and chatted and emailed and it was all so innocent and amazing. Our love story is pretty epic.

Bryan is as extroverted as I am shy. He can do impressions of different TV personalities and he is completely comfortable in front of a crowd. Honestly, he is in his element when he has an audience. He eats it up. And everyone loves him. Speaking of eating, he has the worst eating habits and manners in the world. Despite his mothers best efforts to teach him otherwise.

It's important that you know that one of my greatest flaws is holding my true feelings close to my chest. I don't want people to know how much they affect me because that gives them power. I don't want to give someone that kind of power, and that is wrong. So wrong. I'm going to try to be very honest.

Bryan drives me absolutely bonkers. Even if we agree on something, he will argue with me just because someone has to. He loves to be completely outrageous and push me out of my comfort zone. He loves to draw attention to us when we are in public because he knows how much I abhor it.

And I adore him. His voice makes me sizzle. Sometimes I can't look into his eyes because how swoon-worthy they make me. He could break me with very little effort and has a few times. He has the biggest, kindest heart in the entire world. He will give anyone, worthy or not, anything he has if they need it. He has such a love for every single breathing thing on earth. He would die for the things he believes in. He will love with no questions, no pretenses, no strings attached. He sees the world in a way that I cannot even define. I only get glimpses of it when he lets me.

If he would reign in some of his outrageousness he could be a serious mover and shaker. He could and probably will touch dozens if not thousands of people with his songs. Some of my favorite memories of him is when we were young and in church. His love and passion for God is inspiring. He has all the makings to be such a Godly man and father.

Bryan can push my buttons and make me fly off the handle like nobody else. Except maybe my sisters back in the day. He can calm me down and comfort me like no one else on this earth. When he hurts my feelings, he's the only person that I want to make me feel better and the last person I want to see. He doesn't care about how I decorate but he will ask fifty thousand questions and have an opinion about everything I bring into the house. He is everything I am not and is my better half.

The very best thing about Bryan is that he loves me. And I am so, sooo difficult to love. He tries to be there for me when I let him and even when I complain that he never romances me and that he doesn't listen to me. He doesn't say all the things he does for me and our life together that I 'forget' in those moments. He lets me whine and complain about how I need his attention as much as he needs to play his guitar. He reminds me to a have a gentler heart and I remind him to pay bills and dump the trash.

Bryan is my favorite person in the world. My best friend and my biggest pain in the ass. Without him I would be skinnier, on less migraine medicine and inconceivably lost. He is the cause of many of my storms and the rock that I cling to while overcoming them.

He is the best husband I have ever had. :)

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