Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Dead

I'm still so sick. I have a horrible, nasty cough. It's so bad that I hurt my neck really bad from coughing so hard.

No work, no life for me. Bleh.

I am not looking forward to NYE. Eek.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Holiday Whirlwind

So, lets recap Christmas.

Honestly, this Christmas was pretty easy.. Here are our yearly celebrations.

-The First Friday: Work Christmas Party
-The Second Friday: Denise's Work Christmas Party
-The Saturday before Christmas: Vickers Family
-Sometime before Christmas: Anna and Denise Christmas 
-Sometime before Christmas: Colleen and Denise Christmas
-December 23: Borges Family Christmas (my moms family...)
-December 24 Lunch: Dias and Farpella (not that any of us girls are Farpella's anymore, but whatever! :) ) Family Christmas
-December 24 Dinner: Farpella Family Christmas
-December 24 Dessert: Sister Christmas
-December 25: Gaston Family Christmas
-December 25: Our Family Christmas
-December 26: Ricky Vickers Christmas

We survived ALL OF THAT. Denise and I always go to each others Christmas parties because one she is my husband when Bryan is gigging and C she knows everyone and entertains me like no one else. 

This Christmas was a good one, for the most part. I couldn't care less about gifts. I am just SO happy that I got to spend time with my family. The biggest bummer was that I got ridiculously sick this holiday season and doing all of this took a lot out of me. 

Christmas Eve was so fun because I spent the entire day with my sisters, their husbands and Alison's kids. And the entire day was dedicated to my side of the family and it went off without a hitch! I was so bummed that Bryan had to work and miss my Mom's Christmas lunch, but he ended up timing his work lunch hour with us so we was there for lunch, and by the time he was off work we had cleaned everything up, so he was there for presents too! I was so, so thankful. 

On Christmas Day, we get a call very early in the morning from Bryan's mom and we head over there in our pajamas and smudged make-up.... That last make may just be me though. :) Anyways, we open gifts and eat breakfast and hang out. It is one of my favorite times. The Gaston family usually ends up getting our holiday-time leftovers throughout the year, so Bryan and I put no restriction on how much we are there on Christmas Day. We usually end up staying for the better part of the day, and this Christmas was no exception. I was still pretty sick, so we left so I could rest and take a shower, but we went back over there and played games and lounged pretty much the entire rest of the day. It was great. It is such a relaxing Christmas tradition. 

Speaking of gifts, my house made out like a bandit! When asked, I said I wanted items for the house. Serving platters, bathroom stuff, stand mixer, cloth napkins, etc. My family knows me so well. Everything they picked out was perfect! I felt so loved and blessed. The biggest surprise that my Mother-in-law (who is amazing and I love her) remembered from some random conversation years ago, how I wanted the Anne of Green Gables movies and she got them for me. Such a simple gift, a DVD is, but it almost brought tears to my eyes because of how thoughtful it was! Those movies are a childhood favorite and bring so many memories of my sisters to mind. I was touched.

I hope that the gifts Bryan and I picked out for everyone made them feel as loved as we did!

**PS. I wrote this in 2011 and backdated it, which is why I sound so happy. I was seriously sick and my draft recap was really cranky sounding. Note to self: Do not blog when dying.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Santa

I have been a pretty good girl this year. I have had some bad moments, but I try to do my best. When reflecting back on this year, I definitely feel like I had more good moments than bad....And I think I should get cut some slack considering the fact that my husband goes out of his way to drive me ca-ca-crazy. Examples? Do you really need examples? Fine. He likes to mock me using this insane sounding voice, and I know for sure I don't sound that way. He also likes to jump on every. single. thing I say. Even if he agrees with it. He likes to hide places and scare me. Like the other day, I was washing my face and he hid in a pile of laundry and scared the freaking bajeezus out of me. I don't think I should get coal because I beat him with a magazine. That should be a freebie. 

I know that I am a super blessed girl, even if I don't act like it sometimes. And while I really don't need anything on the following list, in case you want to, you know, spoil me, I have included it. I truly have everything I want. I have a nice house, wonderful friends and family, three quirky pets, and I am still so in love with my husband. What more could a girl want? ......Well, obviously a girl could want a lot more, which isn't so bad, as long as she knows she doesn't NEED it. 

So, here is my Christmas list.

1. Gift Certificates to Java Heaven (My drink of choice comes out to $4.15 on the nose.)
2. A heat-proof glove for when I curl my hair. Like this one:,default,pd.html?cm_vc=SEARCH
3. A St. Bernard Puppy
Note: ^^ Those are the really big wants.
5. A Barnes and Noble Gift Card
6. New Movies or a Big Lots Gift Card
7. Massage Gift Certificate



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's On Sale!

Ohmygosh! The mug I was talking about in this post is on sale!

Here is the link. (Hint, hint!)

Close Talker Mug


Friday, December 3, 2010

Coal As In Charcoal?

Back story: Denise and I both work at schools. Even though mine is better. Anywho. We exchanged lunch menus  just in case we want to go to each others school for lunch that day. We emailed Decembers, and we had a conversation about the colors of the menu. The email conversation is colored in green. 

Psst. If you read our conversation yesterday, you should have seen some of this mentioned.


Denise: Why you gotta copy us with the green paper????

Me: …. Its december. And Christmas. And Red=negative account [balances]. What OTHER color are we supposed to use? Plus, I’m sure that Jessica’s was done first cause she does hers like 6 months before. Cause she is OCD. In a good way though. Not like in a touching the knob of a door 7.85 times before entering kind of way. But, a having things organized and done early kind of way.

D: I’m telling her you said that. Gosh, you can be so rude sometimes. I don’t know why people are friends with you.

M: What does that say about you?

D: I only pretend to be your friend so you’ll buy me Christmas and Birthday gifts. :)


-Beep, riiiiiiing, Thank you for calling-Beep,Beep,Beep. Riiiiiing.
"This is Denise."

"Hey, it's Me. Where can I get some coal?"

"Uhhh... Coal? As in... Charcoal? Save Mart! When you go through the middle door go to the left and it is  in the front."

"Oh, okay thanks. Bye!"




M: Well great. I’m gonna go to Savemart and get you some coal because YOU SUCK.


The only flaw? Colleen, Denise and I are making gifts. How does one MAKE coal? 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sad But True

This is an actual conversation between me and Denise.

 Who knew it would only take a year to become old and matronly.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kit Kat Anonymous

My name is Megan and I am slightly addicted to Kit Kat's.

It all started a few weeks ago. My pregnant sister, Kari, said that she had been craving Kit Kat's. I thought to myself, "Self, you haven't had a Kit Kat in AGES. You should get one someday." And apparently, someday was the next day. It was heaven.

So, Denise and I were hanging out and having some wine. And I say, "Ooh! We should get some chocolate!" Off we go to the local Save Mart. Guess what I bought? A bag of Kit Kat's!

Bryan and I go on our one-year anniversary, and when we get back, it's Halloween! We should get candy for the trick-or-treaters! I made sure to get a variety bag that had Kit Kat's! And then I made sure that every single handful that I put in the bowl for those treaters did NOT contain a Kit Kat.

And then I put the bag behind some items in the keep them "safe".

Bryan and I have gone to the grocery store a few times and twice, I bought one of those HUGE bars of Kit Kat's. But I only have a few at a time. And Bryan always has a couple. I never feel too bad. Its a small snack and I eat less than the serving size on the back, so whatever.

Well, I work at a school. And this school has great food. But its designed for kids. Which equal LOTS of calories for them to burn off by running, throwing tantrums, learning to read and screaming on the playground. It also has a lot of calories because for some kids, what they eat at school is the only food they ingest.

Many of the employees will eat these calorie-filled meals, but I always try to curb mine, as I did yesterday. And to reward myself, I had a small snack size Kit Kat. Imagine my surprise when I am eating a Kit Kat today and I drool.