Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prepping for Hawaii

*Psst - sorry this is a day late! This weekend was crazy due to celebrating my wonderful sister Kari's 30th birthday! Happy birthday, Kari. I would blog about it but I didn't take any pictures, I was too busy enjoying the games and dealing with my crotchety kid! xoxo - Merg


Life is crazy busy right now for me and I love it. It keeps time moving quickly and helps me to stay on track. Between working out and planning Shepherd's birthday party, I'm starting to get a game plan together on our vacation to Hawaii.

We are starting to talk about money and costs while we are there, adventures we want to have, what we will need to buy on our trip, etc. I am SO excited but it is starting to get really real, especially in terms of money! 

More than that though, I am faced with the knowledge that in three months I am going to be traveling for the first time on a plane with a child. A wild child. As of this moment, this wild boy has never been to a large body of water and I have never been a parent to a boy playing next to a large body of water. This is disconcerting in many ways, but mostly because I have come to realize that my relaxing and lounging days on the beach while my sister keeps tabs on her kids are over and I will be the one chasing after a child and warning him not to eat, throw or stuff sand down his pants. 

On Sunday, Bryan and I wanted to get out of the house and have an adventure so we opted to hit up our dry river. I thought this was brilliant because Shepherd would get to play in sand. Then all we would have to do is introduce him to a large body of water and we should be golden for Hawaii. 

Of course, he loved it. Of course, he tried to eat it. 

He had a great time crawling around in the sand and I wondered why I even worried. This kid loves new things. Well, most things. He freaked out when I came out of the bedroom wearing a face mask from Target. I totally understand though, because this terrifies even me.... and it IS me! 

You can't see it but I am smiling and I am also not naked. I'm wearing a cami. Shepherd's bottom lip popped out and he was scared! It was hilarious. 

The dogs loved being able to roam around free and the weather was perfect. It was such a nice family day and it totally got me excited for when instead of a dried up river, we are parked on a beautiful beach! 

Here are some photos we managed to snap. The sun was super bright so of course my eyes are mostly closed. Oh well, this is my life.


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