Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Pictures + Brain Dump

I keep having migraines. February I had about five legit migraines and probably six or seven migraine headaches. It's been an onslaught of pain and time wasted sleeping in a dark room. I have always hated this but it makes it worse when it takes away precious time from Shepherd. I'm so frustrated and stressed out about it that I'm starting to reconsider my position on taking a daily migraine medication. There are a ton of side effects with those and I really don't like taking preventative medicine, but when they get regular like this I'm not sure what else I can do. My quality of life is definitely affected. 

Bryan is obviously against it and wants us to really get things organized because he thinks it'll help with my stress level. So we are going to start there and see what happens. 

My no-make up make-up look along with crazy hair.

I'm going to LA this weekend to hang out with Denise and see where she lives and stuff. I'm so excited! We have plans to see the Veronica Mars movie on Friday night in Santa Monica and we are going to go to fancy coffee shops and scour thrift store for Hawaii outfits. This will be my first time leaving Shepherd overnight and I'm really apprehensive about it. LIKE REALLY. I have a conference in Sacramento the beginning of April so I figured, it's going to happen sooner or later. At least if I do it now I won't have to be stressing out during a work function.

Shepherd's First Time on a Swing. He was not impressed.

I'm chugging along on the weight loss front, slowly losing weight. The other day my coworker and friend (who is the food supervisor) told me that I'm not eating enough grains and protein and that could be why I'm having a ton of headaches. She reminded me that veggies are good for us but they don't stay with us. Our bodies easily digest them. I need to get better at having balanced meals and not just salads. I just want to shed this weight faster than I did the last time! I have things I need to look good for coming up fast.

This is a nail wrap I got from the dollar store. How cute is that?!

Do you ever try new beauty products or tips and it just doesn't work? I've had a few of those lately and it's mildly discouraging. I've been keeping up with my own manicures as best I can and they just don't turn out the same. I'll do the base coat, wait a few minutes, then I do thin coats of nail polish, but it seems like it takes forever to cover the nail and then it takes forever to dry. Then I wait a long time to do nail art but it always comes out funky and no matter how long I wait to dry it or how good to a topcoat I do it freaking messes UP! I follow the directions! I've done research. Why is this so dang difficult? I feel like I need to break it up. Day one: base coat and full nail. Day two: nail art/bling and top coat. Done! Seems a little excessive but it might be worth it to not rage when you notice your fresh mani just dented. 

I've been trying to put a little more effort into my hair because I was definitely relying on a pony to get me through most days. I tried this hairstyle I saw on pinterest and it turned out okay. I have some texture in my hair that worked for me and against me. Oh well. 

That same day I got home and got my new fedora hat! I bought it off of the app Vinted! I love it. I signed up and a few days later got a credit for up to $15 to buy something. All I had to do was pay shipping. I almost didn't use the credit but then I remember I wanted to get a hat for Hawaii and why not save a little. I stumbled across this white and black fedora and I knew I needed it in my life. It'll be perfect for the beach and shopping days. I'm definitely going to utilize that app to sell some things! (This is not sponsored in any way, obviously. My blog is much too small for anything like that!)

I ended up with a migraine Monday night so I decided to curl my hair and rock a red lip yesterday, give myself a little boost. I love that red lipstick! It's NYC 309 Sheer Red. I adore it. I feel like I look so funny in the picture, I snapped it quickly to show Denise and now I realize why, I parted my hair on the opposite side that usual! I've been doing that do give a little more bounce to my second day hair. I bought a smaller curling iron (a one inch) and have been using a different technique with it to give me different curls. Here is the same look after the red lip has faded. Natural is nice, but that red lip really gives the look a little somethin' somethin' extra, don't ya think? 


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