The Crew

You've seen that phrase "It all started because two people fell in love..." right? Borders on cheesy and sweet? 

That's my life.

Meeting Bryan, my Music Man, started my life on a path. Many people don't pay attention, but everyone has these life moments that change the course of your life. I knew when I met Bryan that he was a catalyst to a major shift in my story. He was an epic life moment. 

I won't say I appreciated it all the time or that there weren't times I wish I hadn't met him. We haven't had an easy love... At times, I wished I didn't have to deal with the intensity and enormity of who he was to me and who he would become to me. 

But, because of meeting him my life was richer. I've traveled down a road and experienced things that I never would have come across if it wasn't for him. He is my lobster and was the start of my Crew.

Christmas 2012 - 21 weeks pregnant with Shepherd 
When I was a teenager, a doctor told me that it would be "extremely difficult" for me to get pregnant, which was devastating. We decided that we wouldn't intervene in getting pregnant. If it happened, great. If it didn't, we weren't going to go the medical intervention route. When we were ready, we could look into adoption.

Almost three years of marriage later and the test said positive. We were floored and couldn't wait for our sweet boy to come into the world! You can read about his birth story here.

God really knew what he was doing when he gave us Shepherd as our first born. He is so smart, so loving. Like any typical little boy, he loves climbing on everything... and maybe loves jumping off whatever he has climbed even more. Any adventure is a good one and he'll rally no matter how late the party rages on. He is the best big brother to the newest addition to our family, Lauriana!

Lauriana Jean is the sweetest girl that could ever be. She is such a good baby and we are enjoying all of her "girliness". Lauriana was named after my great, great, great grandmother on my maternal side of the family, and Grandma Lauriana was a strong, smart, sassy woman who gave the best hugs... according to my mom. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of giving my daughter my middle name and I would imagine playing dolls and dress up with her. It seems surreal that we now have her in our lives. It's such a blessing.

These three humans, they are mine and I love them so. I remember sitting with Bryan on the bench in front of my childhood home, dreaming about our kids, Shepherd and Lauriana. Here they are. Here we are. 

Thank you for being with us.