Friday, March 28, 2014

Unpopular Opinion: Why Frozen Bugs Me

It's time I talk about something that has been grinding my gears for a few months now. And it's going to be unpopular. And I don't care.

Have you heard about that new Disney movie... Frozen? If not, can I come live where you live? Because it's obviously under a rock or in a cave somewhere. Regardless, it's where I want to be. I am so sick and tired of all the posts about Frozen on my Facebook feed.


I can't. I just can't.

Look. I love Disney. I grew up with Disney. I love the Princesses. I love their stories. I love their characters. Truly. I don't think Disney is evil or that there are subconscious anti-girl themes in their movies. I actually like the movie Frozen. I wasn't like blown away by any of it, but I enjoyed it. 

It's really some of the fans that have really ruined it for me.

Here is why: 

1. Let It Go... No Really. Let the song go.

It's catchy. I sing it. I liked it. It'll get stuck in my head. There are covers upon covers of it. There are spoofs about it. It's everywhere. It's in every retail store where there is a kid section. It's a catchy song, but it's not the best song ever. I'm just over it. It's so overplayed, over-hyped, and now every time I hear it I want to take an ice pick to the eye.

2. Elsa, Elsa, Elsa! 

Elsa is a crappy sister. Through and through. She couldn't even talk to her sister through the door after being locked up by her parents (more on that later). I'm sorry, but it's true. Elsa was a horrible sister. To the point that Anna was so desperate for connection that she fell for the first guy she ever met and he turned out to be a jerk. But Elsa didn't have enough of a relationship with Anna to help her see it. Let's not forget that Elsa freaking ran away to wallow in her ice castle leaving her kingdom and her SISTER to not only freeze to death but to starve, since there was no way to get food or supplies into the kingdom. 

In spite of ALL OF THIS every little girl is wearing Elsa wigs and Elsa dresses and singing Elsa's song. Everyone wants an Elsa impersonator to show up at their Elsa birthday party.

3. Poor Anna.

No brainer here. Anna is the main character of the movie and yet no one cares about her. No one cares that she never once gave up on connecting with her jerk-tastic sister. No one cares that she traveled in the freezing cold to find her sister despite being rejected multiple times. No one cares that she ALMOST DIED trying to prove to her sister that she loved her and would be there for her despite the fact that she's 'different' and it almost killed her. Twice. Not only that, but she cared enough about the kingdom to brave the icy conditions in hopes to thaw out the land. 

Oh, I almost forgot, she sacrificed herself for the lives of others. NBD.

4. People care more about the snowman, Olaf, than about the heroine in the movie.

I'm not even going to get started on the fact that if someone is NOT talking about Elsa, they are talking about Olaf. Still no Anna. Say whaaaaat? I mean he was cute and funny but should his quotes be used by grown women going through strife in their lives? Eh. To each her own. 

5. Elsa's parents were horrible people.

This might be sad cause, you know, they died and all but Elsa's parents were awful. Not only did they mess with their daughter's memory but they locked their other daughter in a room. That is not good parenting. There are thousands of other ways to deal with this situation and yet they chose to give both their daughters MAJOR issues later in life. (Elsa not being able to accept who she is as a person, Anna throwing herself at the first dude that crossed her path.)

Yes, I'm aware that it all ended happily and Elsa learned to accept herself and the kingdom was saved. I just wish parents would focus more on the actual messages in the movie. Accepting yourself and those who are different from you, fight for your family, fight for the lives of others, be brave and above all else, don't lock your daughter in a room.

UPDATE: My amazing husband just sent me this and I adore it. Thanks babe.

Ps. All these images are owned by Disney. I found them by searching Google using the term "Frozen". 


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