The Bookworm

I don't like writing about myself. Give me a character, a good plot idea and I can write for days. Tell me to write a small essay on who I am? No, thanks!

But obviously, a part of me has something to say. I don't think that you start an online diary unless you want people to discover it. It is a bold step to put yourself out there. Open yourself up to criticism and new friendships. It is scary and exhilarating. I suppose that I started a blog because talking to new people in person is difficult for me. I have this huge, overwhelming fear of rejection. So yeah, I'm hiding behind a computer. What of it? :)

What I want you, the reader, to take away from this blog is that I am real. I write like I would talk to a friend that I have know for ten years. I want you to know that I stumble. And I can be dumb. I make typos, I put my foot in my mouth constantly. I haven't got it all figured out. I don't even have a quarter of it figured out. I want you to see that the perception you had of me was completely false. Or maybe even dead-on. I can be stubborn, loving, mouthy, cranky, accepting, and at times, funny. I try to balance taking things seriously and being off the cuff. I don't think I am better than anyone else. I have my own views, but I want to hear yours too. This blog is not just so you can get to know me. It's so I can get to know you.

I want to hear your thoughts as much as I want you to hear mine. Regardless if they are the same or they are different. I want to know if you love to read like I love to read or if you love to watch movies like I do. I want to know if you are scared of clowns, hate your hair, can't figure out how to get all the things done that you need to. I want to know if you fear the future, or do you embrace it in all it's craziness? Have you been hurt? Have you loved?

My husband, Bryan wonders at me all the time. He is not a TV watcher. He likes movies as much as I do, but he doesn't 'get' TV shows. I just tell him the same thing all the time. I love the stories. I love the build-up. The decisions people make and how they get to where they are at. What they overcome. How the villain can be so hated one minute and embraced the next. I love that in one twist, the entire world can be upside down and the hero and heroine work through all kinds of life to get to the other side. A story is a story. Everyone has one.

Thanks for reading mine.