Friday, June 1, 2012

Get Real: Accepting Life

This is the third post in an on-going series, Get Real. You can read the first one here and the second here. Stay tuned while I go through this journey of self-discovery. 

Wow. What a year 2012 has been. I didn't think life could get any busier. But you know, things are good.

Obviously, I still suck at updating the blog. Cleaning my house. Keeping up on laundry. Cooking dinner.

FYI, I attempted to make dinner twice this week. And I screwed up both times which resulted in no food.

Super. Wife points this week? -2.

I'm tired of trying to be what I think a wife should be. I'm just me. I'm 24. I still throw my clothes on the floor after a long day of work. I'd rather hang out with friends then scrub my floors. Whatever. Everything is acceptable. I have clean clothes to wear. I eat food. My house is clean enough. This is a season of my life where I can afford to let things slide. Before I know it I'll have kids, and they'll need to have home cooked meals, and the floors will need to be cleaned regularly cause they'll be crawling on them. I have plenty of time in my life to be a homemaker. My priorities will shift when that happens.

Right now, I just want to live. Do what I can. Have freedom. Not be so hard on myself.

So what if the garage is messy?

I mean, honestly, if I have to chose between hanging out with my husband on the few nights a week we actually get to see each other or organizing tools, Bryan will win out each time. Cause I kinda love him, ya know?