Monday, March 24, 2014

My Favorite YouTube Beauty Vloggers

As I was recuperating from my cesarean section, I stumbled upon the amazing world of YouTube. It filled the late nights and early mornings with a baby. I would watch as (at first) I breast fed and then after when I pumped. It was a great way to pass the time.

I can definitely say that these girls helped solidify my love for make-up and I have definitely learned some new skills and honed some others from watching their methods. With all things, the way someone likes to do their make-up doesn't mean it's the right way, so you take what will work for you and you leave the rest!

Without further ado, here are my favorite beauty vloggers:


Judy, a Seattle based vlogger, is probably my favorite beauty vlogger. She does the best First Impression style videos (where she tries out one product and updates over the day how it fares) and I love her tutorials. Judy has great delivery and shows a wide range of products - from drugstore to high end. She has a great personality and I love her little family! I also follow her families vlogs. Judy, Benji, Julianna and new twins Miya and Keira are just the cutest.


Shannon, from New Zealand, is one of my favorite vloggers because she takes looks that I would never think of and makes them wearable. She tries bold colors with her eyeshadow all the time, plus she likes to wear all kinds of crazy colors of lipstick - and she actually pulls it off! She has inspired me to be bold with my lipstick. She is absolutely gorgeous but is so....normal. She's really nerdy and quirky. I love it. Basically, she really challenges herself when it comes to looks, sometimes she just kind of wings it and figures it out along the way, which I really enjoy because that is kinda how I approach make-up. And she posts really regularly, which is nice!


Emily, from Illinois (I think), went to college for journalism/news broadcasting and it definitely shows in her videos. She is super well spoken, posts very regularly, and even has an express channel with five minute reviews! I like her style, she wears make-up well and has a cute personality. The tutorials she posts are great for everyday wear, especially for work. Side note: She and her husband are expecting their first baby and I'm so stoked for them!


I don't know what it is about Tati but I like the way she speaks. Like her voice. Is that weird? I like the way that she presents herself and her videos are such great quality. I love her Hot or Not videos and her Tip Tuesday vlogs!  Oh! She also has Madness Mondays (or Monday Madness? Eh, whatever) videos where she goes shopping with coupons and shares what she got on sale and what coupons she used. They are great! She has a great mix of high-end and drugstore products and she always looks good! Also, she lives in LA (California, what what!) and her (fiance? husband?) got all of her vlogger friends to come out and do a video to propose to her. Adorable!

Karissa Pukas

Karissa hasn't been posting a lot lately, but I still like her tutorials. They are really wearable and she has a great personality! She is super cute, kind of nerdy, adores Harry Potter and has a great personality! Karissa is Canadian, but lives in Australia and is actually real-life friends with Shannon from Shaaanxo! What is weird though, is that when I discovered her videos, I thought for sure she would be really.... hoity-toity? Like in a obnoxious, stuck-up kind of way. But you watch one video and you just see that she is really normal, despite being gorgeous and travelling all over to Bali and Mexico and what not!

Janelle is kind of annoying because she does all kinds of nail art and breaks it down so well that it makes you think, oh! I can totally do that! But.... no. She is self taught, runs her YouTube on the side and while not she doesn't do make-up tutorials, nails totally count as Beauty. She has some of the cutest designs! I just have absolutely no talent to recreate them. I can say that without a doubt, she has the best quality when it comes to nail tutorials. I haven't found anyone that has high quality, detailed videos of their nail art, plus her graphics and music are always on point. 

If you are looking for some great vloggers, I hope you give these girls a shot! It was actually hard to choose because I subscribe to a bunch of channels, but I think I enjoy these girls' videos above the others. Do you have any favorite vlog channels? I'm always looking for more!

*Psst. I took screenshots of each of these girls YouTube Channels so you could get an idea of the overall vibe of their channels. All images belong to them. Please show them some love! 


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