Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beauty Haul: March 2014 at CVS (Using Coupons/Rewards)

You all know that I coupon a bit, right? Well last week, there were a ton of coupons and great deals at CVS, so I picked up a few things! I figured I would share some thoughts on couponing, rewards in general and trying new products. 

I don't believe in using coupons for the sake of a deal. I coupon to save money on items I already plan to spend money on, thus, actually saving money! 

If you decide to start couponing, the most important thing to remember is that you don't buy something just because you have a coupon for it. There are a few times to break these rules, like when you are interested in trying out something new, or if you don't buy brand specific items. Or, maybe there is a fantastic deal on a pack of toothbrushes, where you end up paying $1.00. That is a great item to pick up to make care packages or donate to a local shelter!

I am very picky about the brands I use and I am the type of shopper that once I find out what I like and what works, I buy it for the rest of my life. For example, toilet paper. Did you know you can be allergic to toilet paper? I didn't either, until I went through puberty and learned that I am ridiculously allergic to Quilted Northern toilet paper. I'm also allergic to Dove soap. Olay products make my skin burn. 

Needless to say, when I try a new product, I expect a disaster and I try not to pay one penny more than I have too. Also, when I try something new and I don't break out in hives, small red bumps, feel like my skin is on fire or have a weird tingling feeling? I'm stoked. 

Even beauty products, I have to be careful with. My eyes are seriously sensitive and I cannot tell you how many times mascara has gotten into my eye and all of a sudden my eye ball is beet red, watery, itchy and swollen. 

Case in point, the new Bombshell lash mascara. I'm allergic to it. You want to know how I found out? 

Sometimes, when I go to sleep at night, I'll wash my face but not my eyes. Yeah I know, blah blah blah. I'm tired yo! Well, one night I fell asleep and when I woke up, my eyes were crusted shut and swollen. I was freaking out. I cleaned it all with warm water and opened my eyes to red, super gunky eyes. No bueno. The day before that I had worn fake eyelashes (that I had taken off) and Bombshell mascara. I figured out later it was the mascara and not the eyelash glue. It was awful, ya'll. 

However, my overwhelming fear of having a bad reaction to a make-up product is vastly lower than my desire to try out every single beauty product I can get my hands on. I love trying new things and sure, it's a risk but to me, it's worth it. 

Except the toilet paper thing. I only buy the purple Cottonelle and that is ALL I will buy. Cause that just ain't a body part you gamble with. You get what I'm sayin'?

Back to my point, I like coupons. I do not buy anything just because of a coupon. I get excited when something I actually buy has a coupon. I also get excited when something I already want to try has a coupon.  

Which brings me to CVS and my coupon experience this last week. I've been wanting to try a few new things, specifically foundations. Typically, I don't like buying my foundations at the drugstore when Target sells them because Target is always $3-4 less than CVS and Rite-Aid, but Target has been out of my shade. I didn't really have a choice, but I was going to make sure I got enough bang for my buck. Armed with coupons, I hit up the CVS right by my house and purchased the following: 

First Transaction: 

 I had a Almay $5 off two products manufacturer coupon, plus CVS was running $6 extrabucks for two Almay eye products. I picked up the Intense i-color Volumizing Mascara in Mocha and the Intense i-color Shadow Stick for brown eyes. 

Cost Breakdown: $5.99 + 5.99 - $5.00 (man. coupon) = $6.98 (+6.00 extrabucks)

I had a Maybelline CVS $2 off $10 plus, I got $3 back in extracare bucks on any eyes, lips or nail products, so I picked up the Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe and Color Show nail polish in Pretty in Peach. 

Cost Breakdown: $6.99 + 4.39 - $2.00 (cvs coupon) = $9.38 (+$3.00 extrabucks)

I had a $1.00 Wet 'n Wild product manufacturer coupon, which I used on the Megalast Lipstick in 907 Mauve. 

Cost Breakdown: $1.99 - $1 (man. coupon) = $.99.

Original Total: $27.26
Paid: $19.25
Saved: $8.01

Second Transaction: 

I had a $2.00 off Revlon purchase of over $12.00, plus CVS was running a Buy One, Get one 50%, plus I had a $6.00 coupon from the previous transaction. I grabbed the Revlon ColorStay foundation for Combination skin in Sand Beige and a Revlon duel-ended Eyeliner and Highlighter in Emerald.  

Cost Breakdown: $13.49 + $9.79 - $4.90 (sale) - $6.00 (extrabucks) - $2.00 (man. coupon) = $10.38

Original Total: $19.76
Paid: $11.76
Saved: $8.00

Third Transaction:

I had a $3.00 off any two Covergirl eyes, lip or nail manufacturer coupon so I picked up two lipsticks, in Honeyed and Delicious. 

Cost Breakdown: $8.29 + $8.29 - $3.00 (man. coupon) - 3.00 (extrabucks) = $10.58

Original Total: $17.83
Paid: $11.82
Saved: $6.01

Total Cost Summary: 

Original Total: $64.85
Paid: $42.83
Saved: $22.02

Remember, these were all things I wanted but weren't a necessity. Well, other than the foundation. I did need that. The other things I figured I would wait until I have coupons or saw sales on the things I'd like to have because I want to save as much as possible. With the coupons, sales and extrabucks, I was able to save a little over 30% of the total cost! 


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