Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Is One Way To Make Friends...

I'd like to start off this post by saying that I forgot to tell you something uber embarrassing last week. If you are anything like me, you think uber embarrassing stuff that happens to other people is hilarious but when it happens to you its mortifying. I'm a shy person and in an effort to be less shy I'll tell you this story.

I work at a school and I eat the same lunches the kids eat on most days. Before you roll your eyes and say "Ewwww." I'll tell you that our ladies make almost every meal from scratch and they are awesome. This is like home-cooked food. I love the food supervisor and one day she told me that she would never feed a meal to a child at school that she wouldn't feed to her children at home. She's a good, Christian lady and she and her team make some bomb-dot-com food.

So, we had turkey tacos on Thursday with veggies, Spanish rice and some sherbet. I had just eaten lunch and I walked outside and some kid was messing with a little kid, who looked close to crying. I was a bit hormonal last week, if you know what I mean, and I called the big kid over and just YELLED at him. There was a lot of "How  DARE you pick on this little kid. You are older than him and you should be protecting him! We do not tolerate any type of bullying in this school. Do you understand me?" The kid nodded his head but through the entire speech, he would not meet my eyes. He just kind of stared at my neck/upper chest area. So, I'm going on and on about how we treat other kids and I was getting all kinds of irritated with his not looking at me. I said, "And now, you don't even respect your elders enough to look at them when they talk to you!" And he looks up and says, "Sorry. But you have food on your shirt."

I kid you not, Internet. I look down and there are three pieces of Spanish rice on my blue shirt. I was mortified for a second and then I started laughing. I told him that it would have been nice if he had told me that earlier and I made him say sorry and he took off.  Freaking kids, man. Now every time I see him (which isn't super often, but often enough) he smiles at me  and waves. My new best friend.

Hope you enjoyed that little gem!


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT! Why didn't you tell me this story??

  2. I just completely forgot about it! And then when I remembered I was already working on the ol' blog so I just used it as a post! Haha, it was hilarious!


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