Monday, January 10, 2011

Should It Be A Surprise...

That I failed three of my four goals for last week? I think not.

Last week, I wrote this post about implementing daily and weekly goals to keep myself from being lazy as heck. I noted that on my sidebar, I would list my weekly goals to keep myself accountable and that I did. Except I only managed to get one item done.

However, instead of beating myself up, I'm going to accept the fact that out of the past twelve days, I've spent eight of them with Bryan's family due to a death in the family. I'm going to pat myself on the back for having only one night the past twelve days where we weren't at a relatives house, had relatives at our house, hosted friends for movies and dinner, went out to dinner, on a day trip to the snow or to a musical event and keeping my sanity through it all. More importantly, though, I didn't have one. single. MIGRAINE. the entire time. That in-and-of itself is a feat worth CELEBRATING.

Let's not forget that while I was not doing my chores, I was having a great time meeting, hanging out, and listening to stories with Bryan's extended family. It's a sad way for the family to get together but we celebrated Bryan's uncle and managed to bond. It's just another way of reaffirming that God always puts a silver-lining in even the darkest of days.

So, that said, I refuse to be deterred by my own lack of accomplishment and I just added the three left over items to this week. I will focus on the only measly chore I was able to accomplish. Eradicating Christmas from my house!

Last week, I managed to pack up my Christmas tree, purchase a few more tubs (on the cheap from WalMart) and pack away every single Christmas decoration that I know. I have three tubs full o' Christmas. Those three tubs also include the few items I purchased at the end of Christmas at a major discount. YEA for buying clearance Christmas decor!

I was also able to put all those said tubs in our weirdo trap door so I now have Halloween and Christmas under the floor. I just have to put the rest of my fall/Thanksgiving stuff in the other tub I purchased and I will be good to go!

My old weekly goals were the following:

Week of: January 2, 2011

-Post-guest Purpley Room Clean-up
-Hasta-la-vista, Christmas!
-Install master bedroom wall sconces
-Beach Room Clean Up 

My new weekly goals are:

Week of January 9, 2011

- Post-guest Purpley Room Clean-up
-Install master bedroom wall sconces
-Beach Room Clean Up
-Redecorate living room (including new furniture placement.)
-Wash all laundry

Happy Monday to you all! 

Psst. Interested in seeing our floorplan? Check out "The Harbor" tab up top or click here.


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