Monday, January 31, 2011

A Grocery-Mexican Stand-off. Kind of.

I started to write a post for Friday and it just wasn't coming organically. I decided to just scrap it and enjoy the weekend. I'm positive that you were (all five of you, hi mom!) sitting at your computers anxiously awaiting my post and were so disappointed that it never came that it ruined your entire weekend. I apologize. :)

Life is about to get really busy for us. I'm already feeling really anxious and apprehensive about the changes. I think they will be good though. Let's take a look at what a typical week will be like in the little house on Birch.

Monday - Financial Peace University
Tuesday - Bryan has worship practice
Wednesday - Free night
Thursday - Bible study
Friday - Bryan has a gig
Saturday - Bryan has a gig
Sunday - Church/Free day

On top of all that is working full time, going to the gym to get rid of the extra...ohh.... bazillion pounds that have latched on to my love-handle and buttock areas and I will basically only see my husband a few nights a week which means that the burden of chores will fall on me. Super duper.

My friend, Anna, likes to laugh and shake her head at me because lately I have been in a Mexican stand-off of sorts with Bryan about grocery shopping. I was feeling really discouraged and unappreciated about the fact that I would spend a ridiculous amount of my time planning meals, going grocery shopping, unloading and putting away all the groceries and then cooking said meals for Bryan. There was always a lot of the following:

"You're cooking tonight? Ugggghhh, I don't feel like cleaning the kitchen."
"We're having WHAT for dinner?"
"Are we having meat tonight?"
"Uhhh, it was alright."
"Don't cook tonight. Come on. You are tired. Let's just go grab something and watch a movie."
"I don't want to clean the kitchen tonight, I'm so tired."

The deal in my house is that if I'm cookin', you're cleanin'. And wouldn't you know it that after almost every meal I would have ask Bryan if he was going to clean the kitchen and lots of times I would get mumblings and grumblings about how he hates cleaning the kitchen. OH REALLY?

Do I look like I love planning, shopping, putting away and cooking the groceries? Do you think that I look forward to doing this? No. When I was a little girl I never glamorized the whole shopping/cooking thing because its a CHORE. There is a difference between having to do something and wanting to do something.

Anyways, I was getting super frustrated with the entire lot of it and it came to the point where I lost what little desire I had in the first place to cook because of remarks and comments from the only other member of my little family that has opposable thumbs and can, ya know, actually speak English. It became too much trouble and ended up that week after week the food I purchased  would be uneaten, would spoil and would then be thrown away...BY ME. Angry. Is what it made me.

So, after one very calm discussion with Bryan where I did not completely overreact and I most certainly did not tell him in a loud voice that he could shove "it" and that I quit and I definitely did not blame aforementioned extra pounds on him and he's evil ways.

None of that happened.

Alas, I feel that it has come to an end and I must return to cooking. Sigh. Especially since Bryan will never be home and I cannot continue to eat like he does. I must return to the land of meal planning and it should be a blast.

On another note, today was Bryan's first day on the worship team and I am very proud of him for getting involved in a ministry as quickly as he has. :) I may talk a bunch of smack about him, but the man can be pretty amazing and sometimes he just blows me away...... when he isn't making my blood pressure rise.

Bryan is the cutie in the middle. Again, I realize you're blown away by the photography. Yes, I'm available for bookings.


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