Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lost In Laundry

It amazing that I am even alive to tell you that I have NOT been taken over by the mounds of laundry that I have done this week.

As you may remember, I wrote about my weekly goals in this post and one of them was to launder and put away all the bazillion loads of laundry that I have. I have gotten about 35% done and I have done about two or three loads a night.

It actually started on Monday because of my amazingly awesome best friend Denise. We went grocery shopping together and while I made dinner she sorted and started the loads and we tackled about 4 or 5 that night, with me continuing on after she left. I've mentioned many times that she is my husband when Bryan isn't around but honestly, she's my husband all the time. Bryan would never think it take it upon himself to help out with the laundry. The only time he does laundry is when he needs socks or his work shirts washed. Drives me bonkers.

...Before you think that we are so rich and have a ton of clothes, that is not the case. When we were living with my father-in-law we had basically just a box or two of clothes to last us all those months. Everything else was in storage. And all of these storage items need to now be cleaned. It's not just clothes, it's everything. It's overwhelming, is what it is.

In light of all this, however, it has come to my attention that we still have WAY TOO MANY clothes and I shall be starting the agonizing feat of gearing up for a yard-sale. I'm hoping to have one the second weekend in February. Donations will be accepted and are encouraged. :) 

I'm pinching pennies trying to buy a couch/love-seat/two comfy chairs or a sectional and a new-to-me black fridge. These are the two major purchases of the three or four major purchases that I'd like to save for this year. 

So, I'm going to tighten my pocket book and get to saving! 

Sorry this post was such a dud. But with all the laundering that is going on my brain resembles a used dryer sheet. 


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