Monday, January 3, 2011

Cranky-Pants and Laundry

You know, there are things that just really grind my gears. Fry my bacon. Flip my hamburgers. Toss my salad.


I am sorry. I couldn't resist. And also? Terribly hungry.

Back to my point, I am sick. And I am not 100%. I am of the belief that when I am sick, everyone should stop living. Work? What work! Everyone should be off because I am sick. Messes? No one should be making messes! I'm sick! Cleaning is not an option. Clean underwear? What the deuce? Underwear should not be getting dirty while I am sick, because God forbid I do laundry while sick.

Apparently everyone is NOT of the belief that the world revolves around me. So be it. I'll take my cranky-pants attitude to work, to the grocery store and to Wal-Mart. Not Target though, because Target is a cranky-pants free zone for me. Love me some Target. With their cheap movie deals. Love! But I will mutter at the washing machine while I do loads of laundry. It is my right.

I also hate that when you are sick you make dumb mistakes. Like, you wash a load of laundry specifically for one outfit because you have a, you know, funeral to go to and the outfit needs to be washed. And then when you think to yourself the day before said funeral that you should put the outfit together to make sure everything is all gravy but decide not to because you FOR SURE washed the outfit because you'd never make that kind of mistake.

And then you wake up and go to get dressed and you realize that half the outfit was NOT in the laundry pile, was NOT washed, is NOT hanging up in your closet, and you are screwed.

That, I hate.



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