Thursday, January 20, 2011

2.5 is Better Than 0

Lets recap. The first week I did my weekly goals, I only managed to accomplish one goal. Booo.

Last week, I wrote about how I was inundated with mounds of laundry and I thought I was going to get lost.

This week, I.... well. I haven't done this week. Obviously I am off to a fantastic start. So, here we go. Last weeks goals were:
Week of January 9, 2011
- Post-guest Purpley Room Clean-up
-Install master bedroom wall sconces
-Beach Room Clean Up
-Redecorate living room (including new furniture placement.)
-Wash all laundry

Let's see how I did!


Week of January 9, 2011
- Post-guest Purpley Room Clean-up
-Install master bedroom wall sconces
-Beach Room Clean Up
-Redecorate living room (including new furniture placement.)
-Wash all laundry

I was able to finish two and a half things from my list! Score! That is definitely better than last week, but still not great. I do have some excuses reasons why this didn't happen. 

-Install master bedroom wall sconces
Okay, here is the dealio. I dig my wall sconces and I think they will be a cozy addition to our master bedroom. And they are sitting in the corner of our bedroom right by my nightstand and it makes me sad to see them there. But, I don't feel like I deserve them yet. My room is not decorated, it is certainly not clean, and I haven't paid much attention to it because no one sees it. That just ain't right, yo. I want our bedroom to be a safe haven... somewhere that Bryan and I want to be. And until I can get the rest of the laundry off the floor, and unpack the few boxes I have in there, I'm waiting to put my pretty, brand new sconces up. I'd also really like to paint in there before I attach them to the wall. 

-Beach Room Clean-up
Yikes-a-bee. Most of the floor is covered in this room with the hardwood for our floors. Bryan has yet to start on that project and I can't move them. I walked into this room to start and I looked around, turned around, shut the door and left. Know what you can handle, I say. 

-Wash all laundry. 
Alright, look here. I did SO MUCH LAUNDRY and I'm still not done. But I deserve a half a point because I actually worked on it. And that is what matters. I will get back on it tonight and I hope to be finished before the world "ends" in 2012. 

Two point five items done. I'm kind of proud of myself. 

Are you ready for this weeks goals (never mind the fact that this week is halfway over.

Week of January 16, 2011
-Continue Laundering
-Clean and decorate master bedroom
-Look at paint inspiration for the master bedroom
-Look at light fixtures for my entryway
-Unpack five boxes from the garage

As you can see, the beach room and wall sconces were dropped from the list. It just makes more sense to me to get the basics done in the master bedroom before we add frilly things. And the beach room? I need to prepare myself mentally for that challenge. :)

I is tired wurk too hard


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