Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Three Blurbs about Life

In an effort to start writing again, I decided to take a look at some old pieces and see if there was anything worth adding too. Sometimes I just make up characters, write a bit and then abandon them for whatever reason. Most likely that I don't know where to take them. At a certain point my imagination stagnates and instead of powering through it I just let it go.

I'm sure that logic breaks a thousand writing rules but hey, to each his own. Some characters just don't work out. Whatevs. 

To be fair to my characters I decided to go back and read. See if there was anything I shouldn't have abandoned. As I was reading one particular story I was so involved in it that by the time that I got to the end I was upset that there wasn't more to read. That has to be a good thing, right? 

I'm going to start with this one story and see where it goes. I'm going to try to break my bad habits and ride it out until the end. It's kind of exciting and daunting all at once. 


In June we are going to Hawaii for a wedding so I really need to get started on losing weight. I was doing really well before Shepherd was conceived and even during pregnancy. After, I had so many issues with my milk supply and I just took a break from watching my diet and cutting calories. Now I am back on the hike to healthy and I'm worried. Last time I didn't have pressure or a deadline other than a goal. I was able to lose weight slowly by changing habits. This time I really need to kick it into gear and fast. That means coming out of the gate with better food choices, smaller portions and daily activity. On top of working full-time and trying to be a good mom in the few hours that I get to be with Shepherd in the evening, I'm worried about dedicating the correct amount of time to my duties as a person and my duties as a mom. 

I keep telling myself that being a healthy mom will help Shepherd out more in the end. But I can't help but look at the logistics of a typical day. It means I won't spend much time with him on a daily basis. By the middle of the week, every week, he is more attached to Rick than he is to me. Working out on the daily means being away from Shepherd for an extra hour and a half. Even with his bedtime being around 9/9:30, I would only get to spend about three hours with him. Within the three hours is making dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up dinner, bath time and other parts of his nighttime routine. That breaks down to what, like forty-five minutes of actual interaction time? 

I need to make sure that I am balancing a healthy lifestyle against a healthy home life. I guess I just have to dive in and see what works and what doesn't, adjusting and tweaking along the way. 


We are slowly starting to work on our backyard, getting things ready for when Shepherd is able to play outside. He's already walking so it won't be long before we will want to take him outside to explore and imagine life. I'm really excited to see this come together and of course I've been looking into what kind of equipment we can have in our small backyard for him to play with! I can't decide what style I want, but I suppose it really depends on where we want to put it. I'm thinking we would choose wooden over metal, but the metal ones are generally longer and skinnier sets while the wooden ones are long and wide. We don't have a pretty narrow backyard so we will definitely have to keep that in mind!


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