Friday, January 24, 2014

Setting the Tone

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, I want to apologize for the lack of posting the past week or so. Shepherd and I have been sick and we are both exhausted. Although he gets naps and I don't, so I am more exhausted. Bryan is up with us at night too and so the whole house has just been quiet in the evenings. Outside of the normal day to day errands we have to run and making dinner, we have just been chillin'.

Okay so here goes:

Part of my resolution to write more means that I need to eke out the following:

  • what I want to write about
  • what kind of schedule I will follow
  • who I want to write to
These decisions are important because normally, my blog is just all over the place. I am very... candid on this blog. I honestly don't filter very much. I write what is in my brain and tailor it very little. This, in my opinion, is good. My blog is real. My blog keeps you guessing. It is not pretty or produced or propped. It is a true reflection of my stress-case, imperfect self. I like that a lot.

However, this is also bad because my blog loses direction and focus. I often won't write because I haven't figured out my thoughts yet. Everything is convoluted in my head and until I sort it all out, nothing flows out of these fingertips. It's hard to build a community of readers when I'm a blogging roller-coaster. Ya dig?

What I want to write about and what schedule I follow directly impacts my readers. My audience, so to speak. Who am I targeting? Who do I want to reach? And more importantly, who do I want to be friends with? I want to interact with my readers and they with me. I would love to build real friendships from this blog. So, I need to make sure the content I'm putting out is attracting people that I would want to have coffee or go shopping with.

I'm working those things out and tossing some ideas around the ol' brain. Trying to fine tune some things and also work up the courage to maybe show different sides of me. You'll see what I mean. :)

So, I hoped that if you could spare a second to answer one question for me to help me figure out what you'd like to see from me, I would really appreciate it!

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Other than that, I have a few posts in the works that I am excited about! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


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