Friday, January 10, 2014

Brain-Dump Goals

Now that we know what my word of the year is, I need to actually list out some specific things I'd like to accomplish in the next year. Or at least start to accomplish.

This is going to be a glorified brain-dump. I didn't put too much thought into my goals, which is probably the way to go about it. Too much pressure and time to back out. These are in no particular order, they are just in the forefront of my mind as tasks/pursuits that are noticeably lacking in my life. My first task of 2014 was not to organize my list of things I want to accomplish in 2014. That would be muuuch too efficient. Shall we?

GET MY HOUSE IN ORDER. This one is in all caps, bold, italicized and underlined because I've been saying this for how many years and guess what is still not done! Or started, even! I am just gonna go ahead and admit that running a household is not my strong suit and I'm pretty much screwed for the rest of my life on this one. It's all so ridiculously overwhelming. I kid you not, if Bryan makes it to the big time I'm gonna live in a hotel. Processes already in place, no arguing with the husband about what the best way to organize the house or a specific room in the house. We, currently, have negative-forty processes or routines in our house. When we collect mail, where does it go? Heck...does it even get opened? Maybe 60% of the time, which is a generous estimation. We are that good at life.

Read at least five books - at least two need to be outside of my comfort zone. I don't want to read just five romantic novels. I want to read books that challenge me and my way of thinking. I want to be bother in some way. I don't want to read anything that is horrifying though. If you have recommendations, leave them below!

Save more money. From where I sit right now, we do not have any grand plans of getting big projects done on the house in 2014. The most we have talked about is getting our backyard up to snuff so that we can take our boy out there to play. There are far-off dreams of getting the house painted, redoing the kitchen and two bathrooms, and upgrading some of our furniture (like our mattress). In order to do these things, I need to start cracking down on frivolous spending and put more money into savings.

Write, regularly. I have short stories I haven't finished. I have blog ideas. I want to create better content, I want to grow my skills. I can only do this if I take the time to write. I have always had a vast imagination and I need to explore it more. Push myself beyond my limits.

Learn something new. Take a class to learn a new skill or refine an old one. Ask a mentor to teach me one of their skills. Anything. Just learn something new. Keep that brain fresh!

Let go. I hold back too much. If there was a meme for me it wouldn't be forever alone, it would be forever in the safety zone. I don't take enough risks, I don't like looking stupid, I don't like drawing attention to myself. I don't wear flashy clothes or sparkly high heels or even hats because I feel awkward in them. Like I'm trying too hard. This results in not trying hard enough. I would rather try too hard to figure out what works and what I like than to be a person that won't try at all.

Ask for help. I do not ask for help. I am often asked to help, which I do, but I do not often fess up when I am struggling with something and need help. I have people in my life that have strengths that are my weaknesses and I know that if I asked them to help me, they would. And yet? I feel like an inconvenience to them. Not cool. Ask. Be okay if they are unable or unwilling, but ask.

Do it. I am the laziest person I know. I hate things. Haaaaaaaate thiiiiiiiings. There is always freaking something! And I just want to watch The Good Wife on Amazon. I don't want to do all the things you have to do instead of watching The Good Wife on Amazon. I want to shop! and watch movies! and hang out with friends! and go to dinner! and ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN ALL THE THINGS I NEED TO DO. This, my friends, is not adult behavior. This is teenage behavior. As much as I feel like I am still a kid I am not. I need to do the things that I would rather not. Sigh.

Go to Vegas. See Britney. Yup. It's on my list. Cause I'm gonna go see her and I've never been to Vegas as a 21+ person and I want to go. It is happening.

That's all for now, folks. Along with my monthly challenges, I'll be working on this list. Striving to be better and greater than ever before.

What are your goals for 2014?


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