Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Migraine woes and ETC's First Video!

My weekend was pretty good until Sunday night when I got a migraine from stupid hell and I ended up at the emergency room at like three in the morning and was there until five thirty and I threw up a lot. They gave me two shots and on Monday my entire body was sore because of all the pain and throwing up so I barely moved and then on Tuesday my migraine came back and I felt like a shaky drug addict.


So I'm behind on my blogging schedule. Not that I have one. 

For all of you that need a pick me up, here is a video I edited. It's my son laughing. What is a better pick me up than a kid laughing and chewing on Jenga blocks? 



Did you see all my fancy fades and stuff? Only took me like two point five hours to figure that mess out.

You're welcome. 


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