Friday, January 3, 2014

Resolution Schmesolution

Most people (I know) are down on resolutions. I think if you need to change you shouldn't wait until the new year to do it but some people just need a kick in the pants to giterdone.

I mean, it's dreamy to think that with the new year comes a new slate. You can change your life, change your outcomes and leave the past behind. It's magical and hopeful. Hearing someone say that they think resolutions are stupid kind of sounds like someone lacks a little bit of hope for the upcoming year. 

That said, I didn't make any resolutions. 


I suppose you could say that what I am choosing to do is like a resolution. I've decided that each month I'm going to challenge myself a few different ways. Of course I pulled Bryan into the action so he is going to participate as well. A girl always has to have a wing-man right? Right. 

For January we've decided to stay off social media. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, no Reddit. We waste a ton of time just browsing and we have a ton of other projects to work on. We need to spend our time more wisely. Also, Bryan and I have a really bad habit of just being on our phones when we are together or at home so we don't talk about anything with any sort of substance. So staying off of social media is the plan. We set some ground rules though. Obviously, I post when I write a blog to Facebook and Bryan posts his shows. Both of those things need to continue to happen. Also, we are allowed to post one picture each of us and Shepherd or just Shepherd because our family will disown us if we don't. So many of them live far away and count on our updates so we can't go cold turkey. 

It's day three. I don't think I'm going to make it. 

I've failed a few times because it is muscle memory. Without realizing it I'll pick up my phone and open Facebook or Instagram and then realize what I'm doing and exit the app. Then I just stare at my phone and wonder what to do with myself. The mindless browsing soaks up a lot more time than I even realized and I'm hoping that once I retrain my brain, I'll pick up my phone less and use that time to do other things. Like...write. 

Another huge thing about this challenge is that it forces Bryan and I to talk. NOT FUN. Bryan takes so much energy. It's exhausting. And to fill the silence he will just speak nonsense. He'll talk, talk, talk and then pick apart every. single. thing. I say and I get SO MAD and I'm just like STOP. STOP TALKING. JUST STOP.

It's fun. 

You can feel the love, huh? 

In all honesty we have had some good conversations about random things. I can't think of any though. 

AND! Yesterday we had a good 10 minutes of almost getting going on cleaning the house and then it fizzled out. We high-fived on that one because baby steps. 

I gave Bryan another challenge of posting 4 YouTube videos this month. One a week. I hope he does it! He keeps saying that he needs to so I was like that's your challenge! Easy.

I gave myself the awesome task of getting my crap organized. My house is cray ya'll and I need to get things set up. I started last night by moving all the laundry into the living room so Bryan could sort it and we could just run those loads through. I moved some furniture around in our room to create a vanity area and then I sat down and ate five Hershey kisses with almonds. 

In related news, I'm trying to eat healthier and get back into the gym because we are going to Hawaii and I gotta look sexy(ish) for it. I want to be able to hike things without feeling like I'm going to die. Although, I most likely will anyways. 

Another goal is to go see my homegirl, Britney Spears. How much do I love her album? Too much. I've been fan-girling all over the place about that girl. I watch the documentary on...E!? Was it E!? I don't know. I loved it. I got so excited and told Bryan I'll die - just DIE! if I don't see her. I may have also said I would never ever ever forgive him if he didn't take me. Can't say for sure. 


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