Monday, January 7, 2013

This Post Took On a Life Of Its Own

Usually, before I write a post, I think about it. I find that there are pros and cons to this method. 

1. It makes you stop and think the following questions:
  • Would I want to read that on the blogs I follow?
  • Will it end up on Good Morning America as one of those news items?
  • Will my family be pissed?
  • Do I care if my family is pissed?
  • Will it hurt someone?
  • Will it help someone?
  • Will it make my future kids proud?
  • What is the purpose of the post?
2. If its a "funny" post, is it really? Cause... I think I'm hilarious. But will others?
  • Example: When I first decided to write about what I should be writing about now, I thought of writing it as an infomerical. I giggled to my hamburger thinking it would be hilarious for my 10 readers to envision me writing as a one of those people that are SO UPBEAT and EXCITED about their appliance / jewelry / clothes. Then I decided that it might only be funny in my head.
1. You psyche yourself out - to the point where you don't post anything.
  • Example: Almost every time I didn't post. It's easy to be like, no one wants to read about my (insert life event here) or favorite appliance / outfit / whatever.
2. You deprive your readers of potentially funny stuff. 
  • What if someone REALLY LIKED my infomercial post? I could have become famous. Like that Billy guy. Except he died soooo...maybe not like him. 
See what I'm saying? I like my blog to be real, honest, and true to who I am. When I freak myself out about a post, I'm putting limits on my writing and creativity. I find that I am a lot happier when I'm blogging or writing... but I always find an excuse to stop. 

This frustrates me. 

I frustrate myself!

I'm not going to make some crazy New Year resolution to write because usually, when you put black and whites on creativity you run dry. But, I'd like to stop being such a ninny about posts. 

Most of the time I just feel like my life is epically boring and who in Sam Hill would want to read it? Then... I think that I didn't start this blog for anyone else but myself. And if I want or need to write it then I should. Right? 



We'll see. 

PS. I did not mean to write this post. It just flew right out of my fingertips which oddly, feels good. Really good.


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