Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finished Floors! .........Three Years Later

I had that breakdown on the 15th and since then I've been slowly trying to get some things done without being overly hard on myself.

We've had this massive pile o' crap in our dining room that was mostly made up of get-to-it-later projects. I sold a couple of items and am still trying to sell some more. We threw away a lot of stuff and we're putting things away. If I don't have a place for it, I get rid of it.

It was great that we were doing this because the concrete slab that has been my dining area (for three years) is now FINISHED!!

I'm not sure if it was coincidence or whatever, but my father-in-law ended up strong arming Bryan into finishing our floors. This was a huge project that has just been sitting there and it seriously makes me feel so FANCY having finished floors in my house. The only floor that is concrete is the garage floor - as it should be!

Here are some photos of the process and the finished floor:

Here it is completed!!

I know there aren't any pictures of Bryan, but he absolutely helped my father-in-law and hopefully learned a lot about the process for the future. They took the time to frame in the cement step to do it right and have clean edges, and they had the idea to lay the floor the opposite direction as the lower floor to create dimension - and it was Bryan's idea to do white trim to really make the step pop, so people wouldn't trip. It's definitely an awkward design but they really made it make as much sense as it could.

I'm in love!! :)

ps. Sorry the lighting in the pictures is so wonky. My FIL brought in a flood light because he "couldn't see in our dark house." Have I mentioned we have very little natural light in our house? Boooo!


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