Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Tried to Get to The Point... #fail

On Saturday, January 26, I moved into my 26th week of being pregnant. I can't believe how fast it's going! We are only a few days away from February and before you know it, March with be here and then its April! It seems like every time I sneeze a month has passed.

My sisters both went a little early with their pregnancies so who knows, maybe I won't have to wait until May. If I do, that is totally fine. I want Shepherd to stay in there as long as he needs. I'm sure as I get closer I'll be uncomfortable and impatient to meet him but I don't want him to come any sooner than when he is ready and healthy. I just wanted to mention it cause it's not every day that you hit the 26 week mark on the 26th!

But, Saturday was more than just a pregnancy milestone. In continuing with my theme of getting things done, Bryan and I hit up Lowe's to grab some supplies that we needed to complete a few projects and get some ideas on some others.

When I was reflecting on this little shopping trip I realized the following things:
1. Bryan and I do not have the same taste in lighting - at all.
2. Bryan does not care about lighting, but he does have an opinion about all types of lighting.
3. Bryan and I do not have the same taste in ceiling fans.
4. Bryan does not like the price on any of the ceiling fans I like.
5. I do not like the price on any of the ceiling fans I like.
6. Bryan will 86 any light fixture based on the price of the bulbs. Regardless if the fixture perfectly matches our house aesthetic.
7. Bryan doesn't understand what our house aesthetic really is.

Anyways, I got home and started doing the normal Saturday cleaning, vacuuming and dusting (I hate dusting) and reorganized our hutches. Colleen and Jordan came over and she helped me with a few things (lifting a box that I couldn't, sweeping the floor (I hate sweeping), and generally being awesome.) which was incredibly helpful cause I was already exhausted.

Jordan was watching a basketball game so I had a few minutes to shower and de-funk myself and we went to eat. A had the best tasting salad I had EVER HAD IN MY WHOLE LIFE. I also had two small pieces of pizza that rocked my world. What I'm getting at is that I worked up an appetite.

I also want to get at the point of this already too long post. We went to Target to look at lamp shades for the lamps I had bought for my new entertainment unit...which I had purchased before I even had the unit itself.
We didn't find any. What I did find is what I want to talk about today. It only took me eight paragraphs to get here! I'm not long-winded at all.

Bryan and I had a depressing talk about our finances earlier that day and it kicked me into gear about getting things organized. I think I'm mentioned it before but my job requires me to pay bills, maintain a budget and watch every penny that is spent for a small school district.

Since I do that all day, everyday, I don't like to come home and analyze and peer over more charges/numbers/expenses. So I don't. Bryan kind of watches things and money gets overspent constantly. Our biggest problem is going out to eat. I buy groceries, we don't cook, we eat out, groceries get thrown away. We are buying a whole lot of food and most of it sees only the inside of a trash can, not the inside of our stomachs.

It's a problem. Dave Ramsey would be incredibly ashamed that two people that took his classes weren't on top of their money. (But Dave! We have zero debt other than our cars and mortgage, and we are working on getting those to zero! Does that count?!)

I had looked into the Erin Condren life planners after a friend had posted hers on Instagram. I couldn't pull the trigger on a $50+ planner. Then, I got a bright idea. Hey! I'll custom make one and get it printed so it is perfect for our little family. Oh I wish, how I wish, I would have looked into printing costs before spending all the hours making my planner. Printing and spiral binding would put our planner at $80. Uhhhh. No.

So happily, I stumbled on some new Mead* Organizher products. Right away, I was impressed. They had a myriad of different planners, organizers and meal planners and I picked two of them to be my guides as I crack down on the money that goes in and out of our account and how I spent my time.

I was going to get all in depth on the products I chose but since this post is already all kinds of long, I'll continue it tomorrow.

Ooooh, a cliffhanger about planners. So suspenseful! ;)

*Mead has never heard of me. I just found their stuff at Target and I bought it. Over and out.


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