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My Mom's Co-Workers Taco Soup

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My Mom got this recipe from one of her co-workers back when I was in my sophomore year in high school. I remember this specifically because we had just moved out of my parents house because my parents were separating. We were poor, this was cheap, easy, and we could eat it for every meal every day without getting too sick of it.

Plus it's great when its cold outside.

I want to remind you all that while my photos are photographer quality, I am not a food blogger. I started editing them and was like forget that business! Be gentle.

Brown a pound and a half of ground beef, sprinkling some salt and pepper halfway through cooking. Drain the fat... but it's okay to keep just a small smidge for flavor. 

Cut a crap ton of carrots. Stop chopping carrots when the sound of chopping carrots drives you nuts. My mom's recipe doesn't have an exact amount, cause my mom writes her recipes for reminders only. Not to give accurate measurements to other people attempting to make said recipes. So, carrots. Chop. Use your judgement on how much.

Get a pot that is at least 8 quarts. Seriously. This is no joke. 8 quarts. Pour in a large can of tomato sauce. Freak out when it gets on your shirt. Run to laundry room to spray shirt. Come back and resume recipe.

Grab your large can of tomato sauce that is now empty, fill it up with some water the pour it in the pot.

Get a small can of tomato sauce. Pour it in.

Fill small can with water. Pour in pot.

Grab a packet of taco seasoning. I use McCormick because its the best. You use whatever is best to you.

Look in the pot and say, "Ewww, that looks gross!!"

Grab carrots. Dump carrots. 

PS. They splash. 

Grab beef. Dump beef.

PS. Some of mine fell on the counter. Whatev.

Stir it up! Then, put your pot on a burner if it wasn't already. Mine wasn't cause I was using the light above the sink for the pictures. Anyways, turn burner on medium and bring to boil, then turn it down to simmer for 45 minutes. YEAH. 45 MINUTES OF DELICIOUS SMELLING TORTURE.

It's soooo worth it. Set a timer. Walk away.

When the timer goes off, the really hard prep comes into play.

You have to open ALL THESE CANS! My mom's recipe calls for hominy. Forget that! I had white beans and I am cheap so I used those instead.

Oh, directions, right. Open cans. Pour the entire can (including juices) into the pot. Throw cans away.

Such hard work, but someone has to do it.

Stir it up! Bring it back to a simmer to heat it all the way through. 

At this point you do have a little more prep. It's easy though, promise.

Grab a small head of cabbage. Cut it in slices, like this:

Once your soup has come back to a simmer, add in the cabbage. Please don't skip the cabbage. Seriously. It's delicious. 

Let the soup simmer until the cabbage is translucent-ish. 

MORE CANS!!! My moms recipe says to add in the olives (no juices) and one-to-two cups of water if the soup is too thick. I decided to keep a little of the olive juice to add to the soup. What could it hurt? Also, I added about 6 ounces of water, just to get to my preference. I'm a rebel like that.

Here is the soup. I let it sit, covered, for a few minutes longer to simmer and incorporate the new cup of water I added. I probably waited like five minutes or so. When I came back, it was all bubbling and delicious looking. You can't tell it's bubbling in the picture below. It was. Pinky swear.

Okay, so now it is ready. You can eat it! Except not yet. If you eat it now, it'll be great. But if you wait, follow these steps, it'll go from great to fantastic.

Finishing touches:

Pour soup in bowl!


Put a dollop of sour cream right there in the middle of that soup!

Oh yeeeah. Now we are talking!

But wait! More??

Yes! Grab no less than three tortilla chips. Hulk smash them in your hands and sprinkle them in the bowl. 

Goodness gracious. Just one step left!

Cheese. Oh, the cheese. 

Grab a spoon, mix all your pretty toppings right into the soup and devour it like you've never, ever eaten anything in your life. It's good. Real good.

I'm gonna tell you a secret. The night you make this, the soup is amazing. You'll want to eat 50 bowls. Don't.  Eat only 2-25 bowls. Let the soup cool to room temp and put it in the fridge. Tomorrow? Eat it again. If you thought the soup couldn't be more delectable, you were wrong. It's bomb dot com the next day. 

I also wonder if this soup might be good for freezing, since you make such a large batch. Hmm.. Will have to test this out.


Here is the copy-and-paste version so you can print it. :)

Embrace the Crazy's
Mom's Co-Workers Taco Soup
(modified by Megan's Mom and again by Megan)

1-1/2 lb ground beef
1 packet taco seasoning
1 large can tomato sauce (+1 can water)
1 small can tomato sauce (+1 can water)
1 cup of carrots (ish)
1 can hominy w/ juices 
[Megan's Modification - White beans instead of hominy]
1 can black beans w/ juices
1 can dark red kidney beans w/ juices
1 can whole kernel corn w/ juices
1 large can sliced olives
[Megan's Mod: 2 small cans. Boom.]
1 small head of cabbage
2 teaspoons beef bouillon w/ water
[Megan's Mod: I skipped this. I feel it is unnecessary, but if you taste it and feel like you need more flavor, go ahead an add it in with the extra water. I feel like this soup is so tasty on its own. Also, if you like a little heat, adding a serrano pepper or a jalapeno wouldn't be a bad idea. I detest spicy so that's all you. I can't vouch for its yummy-ness.]


sour cream
chopped avocado
[Megan's Mod: I didn't have this so I didn't use it.]
sliced tomato
[Megan's Mod: I only had one tomato and I need it for another recipe.]
[Megan's Note: Anything you like on a taco could easily be put in this soup. Add whatever floats your boat.]


Brown ground beef, drain fat. Transfer to at least 8 quart stock pot. Add taco seasoning, tomato sauce, water and carrots. Stir and simmer for 45 minutes.

Add hominy [MM: or white beans], black beans, kidney beans, corn and juices. Bring back to simmer. Add olives and add one-to-two glasses of water (with beef bouillon if necessary) if its too thick. Simmer til heated through. Add cabbage, simmer til translucent. 

Serve soup w/ toppings!


**If you liked the recipe, let me know! If you want to pin it, click here!


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