Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love and Other Drugs...Wait... No, no, that can't be right.

As I was thinking about what my posts should be like this week, I realized that I actually have a lot to say! Now I just have to decide whether I should pack it all in a few posts or spread it out. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

Since we had a holiday yesterday, I'll go ahead and start there. My Valentines day was great! The education community had the day off because of President's Day, so I was stoked to be able to sleep in. If you count waking up at 9:30 sleeping in. :)

Bryan and I had stayed up past midnight on Monday morning, so I was the first to say happy Valentines day. When I woke up, I posted this on his wall. 

See the time stamp? It was literally two minutes after I opened my eyes. Gotta love that Facebook addiction! 

Then, a while later, Bryan melted my heart with this...

Love that man! :)

I went along with my day as planned. I didn't have any plans so I just kind of hung around the house. Actually, I started watching this show that is on the SyFy channel. It's called Being Human. It's about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost and get this - they are all friends! It's pretty interesting. Not surprisingly, I got caught up in another SyFy show - Face Off. This one is a reality competition show about these make-up artists. I was blow away by the things these people could do! I was staring at the TV in awe when my Mom called and asked me to run an errand with her. 

More on that later this week. 

I got home just in time to meet the UPS guy so that he could give me our new.... oops. More on that later, too. :)

I was home for a few hours watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith and then Click when Bryan got home. And that glorious man walked in with these babies. 

There is one red rose... four white ones... and three pink roses. This is a coded message from my man. :) Of course, he apologized that the bouquet lacked yellow roses. He was bummed when they told him they were all out since they are my favorite flower. I said who CARES? Any flower would do. 

Once we quickly got ready, we headed out to dinner. We went to a local Mexican food place that I love. Bryan kept asking me if that is what I really wanted since its kind of like a Panera Bread vibed restaurant that serves Mexican grub. I assured him that I was fine with a more casual dining experience and after eating stuffing our faces, we went and picked up some items from Target for our puppies. 

After what seemed like an eternity (we disagree on almost everything concerning our German Shepherd and Maltese/Poodle pups) we managed to get out of there after spending $80 on pet supplies... and another small item for me. 

We headed out to Lemoore after shopping at Target to see Just Go With It. 

I loved it! It was a pretty cheesy premise, but I loved it. Especially after seeing Click. I used to hate that movie, but it resonates with me more now... maybe because I'm married? Who knows. 

That was my Valentines day! It was wonderful and low-key and perfect.

Just what I needed! 


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