Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Swear

And I don't mean the bad word kind of swear, I mean the swear as in promise, that I am not dead. 

I kind of dropped off the face of the earth blog-o-sphere last week, huh? Honestly, I was super busy on Friday so I wasn't able to get a post up. Then it was the weekend and then it was a holiday and as usual, I don't post on those days. Here I am again though, it's Tuesday, and it's a four day week! 

Can I get a collective woohoo?

I had a fabulous weekend. Seriously. Let's rewind to Friday so I can spill all of my super amazing happenings in order. 

So, for the past few weeks I have been planning a surprise party for my hub's 25th birthday! He showed up to his standing Friday night gig at Harris Ranch and was greeted by thirty of our family and friends, a huge cake and best of all, a night OFF! We got to eat and drink and be merry. It was a hoot. Yes. I just said hoot. I know that proves that I am an 80 year old woman. I embrace it. 

Saturday, Bryan and I managed to straighten up the house and get some hang out time in before he had to take off for his gig... and I had no plans. Much to Denise's dismay, I was not in the mood to accompany her to a local wine bar to see the band Poor Man's Poison. There were two reasons why I didn't want to go. 

1. I was not in the mood to be in a teeny, tiny wine bar with a bazillion other people to pay $9 for a glass of wine when a bottle would cost me $11 (tax included) and probably not have a place to sit. 

2. I was still a bit butt-hurt because I had contacted Poor Man's Poison about coming out to Harris Ranch to play for Bryan's birthday and the message I received back was kind of wish-washy and gave no real reason to say 'no' and the reply didn't actually say no. They just said that they would 'talk to the guys and get back to you' and they never got back to me. Which is poor form, friends. It's fine if, as a band, you don't do birthday parties or any private gigs, I get that. But you should be able to stand behind that and just give a "would love to help you out but it's not gonna happen" for sure message. Not a 'we scare easy when it comes to private parties and weddings...but I'll ask the guys and get back to you' message. 

But it's all good. I was bummed that I couldn't make it happen cause I knew that it would just blow Bryan's brain and I tend to go all baby-of-the-family when something I get excited about doesn't pan out. I still love them. Their first CD makes life at work happier. Love it. Bryan has yet to hand over their second CD for me to burn onto my computer at work. Hoarder. 

All that to say I was not in the mood to go. It happens. Instead, I had the pleasure of hanging out with my Mom and Larry. We went to dinner and we watched Conviction which is based on a true story and we loved it! It was a really good time... very low key. 

On Sunday, Bryan and I decided to sleep in and take the day off from church. I really wanted to take a drive to the mountains or to the coast but when I looked at my Facebook, I saw a ton of status updates from friends saying they were at the coast. Uhh...I want to go to the coast to get away from Hanford, not follow it to a tiny coastal town. Bryan wasn't feeling it either so we grabbed breakfast with Kari, Adam and little Owen. Who slept the entire time. Even when the waiter kicked his carriage twice. I could have socked that dude. 

The rest of Sunday we kind of just hung out at home before we went to rent two red box movies, Toy Story 3 and How To Train Your Dragon. We ended up playing a few games online and only had time for one movie, so we watched Toy Story 3. Ahhh. I loved it. Even the scary clown called Chuckles. I made Bryan hold my hand the entire time he was on the screen though. I hate clowns. HATE THEM.

I got all choked up at the end but I made sure to play it off. I know the teasing from Bryan would be endless! I'm such a girl. 

On Monday, we woke up and got ready. I was starting to get really hungry and then I started getting a headache. We ate and my headache didn't go away. I took some medicine and laid down on the couch and we watched How To Train Your Dragon. I loved it! And by the end? I was feeling a whole lot better. So good, that we went for quick bike ride and then we played another game on the computer. I needed to grocery shop for this week, so we ran to Save Mart, ate some dinner, and went to the gym. 

It was a pretty standard weekend but I loved it. Bryan and I didn't start bickering from all the time we spent with each other... well, I did get a little hungry-bearish yesterday. I get a little mean when I am hungry. Food = Happiness and no migraines! 

I feel well rested and I had such a good time hanging out with Bryan.

Tonight I'm making porcupine meatballs and we are going back to the gym. I want my face back! Seriously. home needs to lose weight and fast! 


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