Monday, February 7, 2011

All Things Love: Thought Process

Love is the most powerful feeling in the universe. I'm not talking about a specific kind of love. I mean in general, the act of loving any thing or any one is an entity that is so powerful it can cause immense happiness and intense discontent. Love can start wars and heal old wounds; It can harden a person emotionally, or soften up a big bully.

What I feel is the most amazing thing about love is that it is not taught. It is instinctual. Whether you believe in Christ or evolution or nothing at all, it is written in your DNA to love and be loved. To protect in the name of love, to let go in the name of love, to die in the name of love. Every persons story has a theme of love in it. Whether they can recognize it or not. It doesn't matter what type of love it is. Love is not just an act of being "in love". Love is the conscious effort of loving someone. It is a feeling but also an action.


I used to hate Valentines day. It was such a bummer for me. I didn't have many great ones but the great ones I had were fantastic, which made the not so great ones even worse. Such a waste of time. I mistakenly bought into the Hallmark holiday and the way they tooled it do be a day about 'love between a man and a woman' instead of just about love. Valentines does not have to be a reminder to men and women every where that they aren't in love. Valentines day should be a sweet reminder of the love you DO have in your life. Whether you buy a bone or some catnip for a pet, or you give your best friend a big hug and a bag of chocolate do a little something to someone you love and care about. It can be anyone. Give a tiny expression of love to brighten someones day. That is what Valentines should be about!

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To kick off the first day of All Things Love here at  Embrace the Crazy I challenge you to change your thought process on Valentines day. Dare yourself to embrace all of the levels of love you share with people in your life and relish it. It is so ridiculously precious. Handle it with care and the reverence it deserves.

While loving is instinctual, letting yourself love is an entirely different matter. Take a moment to realize how serious and important it is that they chose to let themselves love you. It's moments. Revel in it and try to keep yourself from taking it for granted.


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