Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What Happened in May and June?

My husband and I bunned it up. 

I had a beverage with the Vickers Trio. 

I discovered that the Chimi-Cheesecake at Applebees came back (!!!)...

I caught two cousins sharing a moment on the back porch...

I did homework...

I watched a few swim lessons...

And I braided my husbands hair. (I hate that his hair is long enough to be braided.)

I stole moments with my precious boy...

And I did homework while others got to play. 

I surprised my husband at a gig that had a pretty great view...

And earned a good wife badge by going to another gig the next day!

I found a meme that really identifies the thoughts that run through my head...

And I took a picture for my best friend to prove that the fly-aways were incredible heinous one horrible day. It's what best friends do. 

I did more homework, but this time in my nieces bedroom, while she got crafty. It was a nice moment. We sang along to the Frozen soundtrack.

We bought our first ice creams from the Ice Cream Truck. We bought our last ice creams from the Ice Cream Truck. (These are disgusting and the ingredients are terrifying.)

Bryan and his hair, I mean, his band, played at ApCal! It was a beautiful night.

I took my son on a date, because with all the homework we hadn't spent much time together. I could have just cried with how much I missed him. 

I lived a lot of life in May and June, but I did a lot of homework and missed out on a lot of friend/family time. However, it made every moment sweeter and every break fortifying. 


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