Monday, July 13, 2015

The Second (Part 1)

Whew! I have been a busy girl. Work has been intense and every day last week I came home and worked on blog stuff! I'm still trying to figure out a schedule for blogging and incorporate more videos, so thanks for sticking with me during the transition!

If you watched this video, you know that we are expecting a baby in December. We are super excited and the timing could not be better. I'm so happy to have a winter baby! With Shepherd, it quickly became too hot for us to baby-wear. I would be sweating like crazy and so would he, and it just wasn't good for us. I wore him a lot when we went to movies but outside of that, it was miserable for us both! 

This baby has an estimated arrival of December 23, so it'll be nice and cool for 4 or 5 months (hopefully) so we'll get lots of baby-wearing time in. I'm jumping the gun though, lets go back to the beginning! 

I found out I was pregnant on April 25, a mere 17 days after my boys two year birthday and the first day of my last period was March 18 (about 39 days prior to taking the test). I found out really early and it was totally by accident. Bryan and I had been not trying/not preventing, as we do, and prior to finding out, I was coming down with a sinus infection. I wasn't eating much and just generally felt like crap. That Saturday, we went to a yard sale for some church friends that were moving to New Zealand (follow their recent journey here) and I, as I am wont to do, picked up a coffee on the way. Because...duh.

The problem was that, the coffee was not doing it for me. The longer we were there the worse I felt. I was getting super ticked because Bryan just kept talking and talking and I kept giving him the "wife look" and he ignored me. It was raining that day so I took Shepherd outside and he jumped in puddles while I just tried to stay calm and not hit Bryan over the head. Finally he was done and we decided to go to breakfast at Ryan's Place.

Except, all of a sudden, I was not hungry. I was feeling worse. I was a bit dizzy and disoriented. I thought maybe I had a fever. I tried to eat a little of Shepherd's fruit but I was green. I wanted to go home fast. When they were done, we left and booked it home. I went straight to use the restroom with the plan to get in bed immediately after. When I walked in, I saw the Dollar Store pregnancy tests right on the shelf and was like, hmm.. why not.

I honestly figured it would be negative. I was sick, not pregnant. After all, I'd been pregnant before. This was not pregnant. But there, on my counter, shown by the cheapest pregnancy test you could possibly buy, was a very, very faint, second line.

Finding out this time was not unlike finding out last time. Bryan was on the couch, and there were no children around because Bry had just put Shepherd down. I walked into the living room, just as I did with Shepherd, and I said, "There is another line. It's faint. I think I'm pregnant." And Bryan sat there, disbelieving. He didn't say much of anything, other than, "I don't think you're pregnant."

I texted a picture to my sisters and was like A SECOND LINE IS A SECOND LINE RIGHT? ITS FAINT. DOES IT COUNT? And my oldest sister, Alison sent back a resounding yes. She then picked up a digital, more reliable test and it flashed pregnant within seconds. I was pregnant.

A super unflattering picture of a sick Megan,
who just found out she's for real pregnant. 4.25.15

It didn't take long for me to spiral. I was in the last leg of my program.

I went from incredulous to overwhelmed in .2 seconds. I was in SCHOOL. I was in school, and growing a baby. I couldn't have stress. School is stressful. Growing a human is stressful. This pregnancy needed to be stress-free so I didn't get pre-eclampsia again. I NEEDED TO NOT HAVE PRE-ECLAMPSIA AGAIN.

But I couldn't change that I was in school, that I was stressed, or what I was still fat. I was pregnant. I needed a plan.

Stay turned for part 2!


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