Monday, June 29, 2015

My Heart Belongs to Bass Lake

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When I was a child my parents would take us camping at Bass Lake. I remember, we'd pull our little tent trailer behind us, get in our reserved spot and I'd watch as my family set everything up. Most of the time my Mom would have my sisters do small tasks and then we'd start to check out the area. We'd climb things and try to find squirrels. One particular time in general, we had a side of a mountain right behind our designated spot and there was a hiking trail. My sisters climbed up no problem and left me behind to fend by myself. This was typical. I kept trying to get up but it was just this side of too steep. 

I walked over to my dad who was setting up the dinner stuff, and asked him to give me a boost. Instead, he grabbed his hammer and used the nail pulling side to create a few notches that fit my feet perfectly. I was able to climb up and down as I pleased and to walk the trail. My dad walked away whistling and I was off on an adventure. 

I love Bass Lake.

I mention that because we recently stayed at Bass Lake because Bryan played a gig in Oakhurst. I felt so.... at peace there. It was a much needed break. The phones didn't quite work all the time and I definitely got lost in the mountains after Bryan's gig (and drove 45+ minutes out of my way) before breaking into tears and turning around. Turns out the mountains are intimidating when it's pitch black outside. 

Outside of that, it was a great gig. We were allowed to stay in a friend-of-a-friends cabin that was comfortable and amazing. There was definitely a late night sitting around the kitchen counter eating fresh baked cookies session. 

It was simple, yet soul restoring. 

Bass Lake, I love you. 


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