Monday, February 3, 2014

Haul! Target, Ulta, CVS & Walgreens

One of the weird things to come out of my pseudo delivery to Shepherd is an obsession with make up. Where it came from I don't know, but I have a strong inkling that YouTube is to blame. I love watching make up tutorials on YouTube. Being home the first few months with Shepherd meant that I had some time on my hands and somehow I got turned on to YouTube make up tutorials.

Around that same time I discovered Hautelook and the ability to get my hands on name-brand make up at discounted prices. It's nice for the girl who doesn't want to spend a ton of money on beauty products that she isn't sure she would actually like. (Also, that is my link and if you sign up [which you SHOULD] I get like $10 credit on the site. Or you can click here and sign up normally!)

So anyways, I've always like drugstore make up but never really went into higher end stuff. Enter Hautelook, enter YouTube, enter the Ulta that just moved into town.

With Christmas, I received some gift cards and funds to do a little shopping. Here is what I got!

I had a 20% off coupon so from Ulta I got the Lorac Pro palette, with a sample of Lorac's POREfection face primer and Behind the Scenes eye primer. I've used the palette once and the eye primer which actually worked on me! I haven't used the face primer but so far I've been impressed with Lorac's line. The palette comes with eight matte colors and eight shimmer colors, it's super slim and has a lot of colors! I dig it.

I have heard really good things about these kinds of brushes and unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard for the over $100 Clarsonic face (and body) brush. There is no way that I would pay that kind of money for a face brush and then I started hearing that people with sensitive skin might have some complications with the brush! When I saw that the Ulta verison was on sale for $17.50 I figured, why not? I haven't used it yet but it had great reviews! It also came with the free make up wipes. My Ulta order came with three samples, two foil packets of hand cream and a sample of tea tree oil. I hate foil packets but I love a good hand cream. ;)

Finally, a few weeks ago I got the tarte foundation in Light-Medium sand, so this time around I purchased the tarte concealer in Light-Medium and with that came a free matte face primer from Ulta. Score!

From Target, CVS and Walgreens I got the following loot: CoverGirl's Bombshell mascara in brown and very black, Rimmel's Stay Matte primer and foundation in Soft Beige, Maybelline's Baby Skin primer, L'Oreal lipgloss in Berry Persistant (which smells sweet and weird and is horrible) Revlon's Skin Illuminator in Bare Light (love mixing this with my foundation for a nice natural glow), Jordana's Fabuliner in Brown, and L'Oreal Lacquer liner in Bronze.

From Target I got pixi Brightening Peach correction concealer when I apply after primer, before my normal concealer to erase the bags under my eyes. I apply it with my newly aquired Sonia Kashuk no. 205 brush.

I do like the mascara's and I am glad that I have both brown and black, although it's only because I bought brown on accident. There is some fallout but it doesn't mark the skin and is usually just at the end of the day. It brushes off easily. Not sure I like the pixi color correcting concealer because it is really think formula and it settles into fine lines. I haven't found a way to avoid that, but I do LOVE how it hides my under eye discoloration. Everything else I'm still trying out. I can say that I love the Maybelline Baby Skin more than the Stay Matte face primer so far. 

The L'Oreal liner in bronze is a really good base for a smokey eye. I apply it with the brush that it comes with (not pictured, but it is reminiscent of a lip brush) and smudge with my finger. I apply a bronze eye shadow to set it and it looks very cool. The L'Oreal lipgloss is awful. The formula is sticky and the color doesn't apply evenly.

That is my haul! I love trying new items and I definitely love catching sales. I used a bunch of coupons (look for those before you go shopping!) and used some rewards on my drugstore cards. I don't have a total for ya but it was a steal! 

Have you purchased any beauty products that have changed your life lately?


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