Friday, February 7, 2014

Ulta Dual Cleansing Brush and Coconut Oil FTW

A few days ago, I posted about my haul from Ulta, Target, CVS and Rite Aid. I've had a chance to really use some of the products and there are some major surprises and upsets! One thing that I was really hoping would work was the Ulta Dual Cleansing Brush. It's an affordable knock-off of the Clarsonic Facial Cleansing Brush and I had high hopes. I bought the Ulta version for $17.50. The Clarsonic version is about $125. That is a huge difference, people.

I've been having some major skin issues. I have always had combination skin. My cheeks are always dry but my nose, forehead and chin are an oily, crazy mess. However, around my nostrils, it is always dry and flaky. I don't understand that at ALL. There is enough oil on my nose to go around for everyone and yet? Flaky skin. Can anyone clue me in on this?

Anyways, after having Shepherd, I feel like my dry skin got dryer and my oily skin got oily. It bugs. I need an easy way to exfoliate my skin regularly that won't hurt my sensitive skin. Enter the Ulta face brush. I've only used it twice but the second time wowed me enough to want to share it with you.

I don't have detailed photos of the attachments to the brush, but the one on the top is a sponge instead of a brush. The box says you can use it to deepen your application of moisturizer. I took a shower last night and noticed that I had really bad dry, red patches on both cheeks in the same place, probably from wind or something. 

So I grabbed Philosophy's Take A Breath moisturizer and patted it on, grabbed my coconut oil and patted that on. The coconut oil acts as a seal for the moisturizer. I notice a huge difference when I used the moisturizer alone and when I put coconut oil on top. I grabbed the sponge attachment, wet it with warm water and used it to buff that oil into my skin.

I woke up today and washed my face of the oil and put on moisturizer before following my normal make-up routine. My skin felt glorious. Soft and smooth! Obviously, it'll take a few times of repeating these steps to really clear those red areas, but I am pleased with the results from only one usage! 

I used the brush once as well and I don't have enough data to know if in the long run it will help or hurt my skin. I'm gonna wait and see how it goes. 

Do you have a brush? If so, do you use it every night to clean your face or is it more like every few nights? Any tips you have for a newbie? 


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