Friday, February 21, 2014

Instagram: Accounts I Love

I think my favorite social networking site is Instagram. I love that people can snap a photo of whatever they are doing or something funny or whatever and quickly share it with others. I decided that maybe you are looking for some fresh new accounts to follow and maybe you'll like one that I like.

1. @dresdenmade

Justin is an artist (tattoos and otherwise) who I've known for a while. He does the BEST videos on Instagram and his photos are unique too. It's a mix of family, friends, work, and play. It's great.

2. @laurenconrad

It's not a secret that if I ran in the same circles as Lauren I'd reach out to find out if a. she is really as awesome as she seems and b. be her friend if she is. She snaps great photos and even though I wish she would stop making the waistline on her dresses so dang low (hurts us curvy people, Lauren!) I love her style and her clothing lines.

3. @sprandoni

Brandon Jenner, son of Bruce Jenner, is the owner of this Instagram account. I love his posts, he does really clever and funny videos. His love for his wife Leah is super cute. Through his account it seems like he has a great sense of humor and is a really creative dude. 

4. @birthwithoutfear

January runs the Birth Without Fear blog. She posts amazing pictures of pregnancy, birth, celebrates all type of birth and mourns with women who experience loss. She doesn't tolerate any crap from rude people and is a proponent for love and acceptance. A true breath of fresh air when it comes to women these days. January has created a great community of women!

5. @rhettisadler

Rhett Roberson is a brother in the band The Brothers Roberson, is handsome, loves to read and visits a coffee shop regularly. He has great posts and is pretty hilarious.  Can't get much better than that! I started following him after he and Bryan played a show together at the Hanford Fox Theater, last May. 

6. @thecorinnemarie

Corinne is a friend of my sisters and I started following her when she commented on one of their posts. Can't remember which but I love her style, her finds from the thrift store and how on fire she is for God. She walks it and speaks it and thirsts for it in a way that is amazing to me. She is authentic and real. I love her posts and would like to be best friends with her. For real.

7. @caradelevingne

Cara is a Victoria Secret model who posts regularly and posts fun pictures. She doesn't take life too seriously. She posts amusing and creative posts along with general snapshots of life.

8. @giselleofficial

Giselle is another model, with Victoria Secret and other brands as well. She recently came under fire for posting a picture of her breastfeeding while her glam team got her ready. I loved it and I love the rest of her posts. She's funny and normal. I also love that she posts in English and in Portuguese on her pictures! I learn things! 

9. @ninezeroone

I just started following this salon on the recommendation of Colleen. They do hair and they do it WELL. So much inspiration. So doge.

10. @jamierabbits

Last but certainly not least is Jamie, who blogs at Jamie's Rabbits, and basically is awesome. She is really good friends with Katherine at Grass Stains and I am jealous when I see they get together for dinner and such. They have such great personalities, love to read, love pop culture, love God. Jamie makes amazing Cake Pops. She's such a cutie. Love her posts!

Alrighty, that's all I've got for now. I definitely have more but I have to limit it to ten this time. Go follow these peeps and while you are at it, add @meganlauriana to the mix. ;)


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