Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekend Recap: I Threw The Candle Away

This past weekend I was pretty productive, if I do say so myself.

I received electronic mail on Thursday that Lorac Cosmetics was on sale at Sephora in JC Penney, so I called my homegirl Colleen and we went over to check it out. They didn't have anything I was specifically interested in but they did have some Sephora liquid eyeliner on sale for $6.00 so I picked one up in black and one in purple. I haven't tried the purple yet but I figured it would be good to do a cat eye on days that I didn't want to do the whole eye-shadow song and dance. Easy peasy!

After, I just hung around at Colleen's house and her husband Jordan made us chicken parmesan. So good!

Bryan and I don't really exchange gifts for Valentine's Day, but he and Shepherd got me a card. It was adorable.

Coincidentally, Urban Decay was having their friends and family 20% off sale, so I placed an order Friday night for a little somethin' somethin' and thanked Bryan for my Valentine's Day present. I'm pretty sure that is cheating but who cares?

Saturday, Bryan had to go to the studio to work on some stuff so I hung out with Shepherd before going to get my hair colored by my sister, Kari. We played, I fed him and made a small batch of carrot baby food, gave him a bath and got him ready to go hang out with his Papa Rick. Kari and I added a bunch of blonde to the bottom part of my hair to lighten it all up. I want my hair to be quite light. Almost blonde but not totally. Here is a really horrible photo of myself!

You like those baby hairs huh? The hair that I lost after pregnancy is starting to grow back, THANK GOSH. Also, Shepherd likes to grab my hair when we wrestle and he's yanked out a ton of my hair. So sad. But I'm loving the all over lighter color of my hair and hope to keep lightening it up over time!

Kari mentioned that she needed to go to Costco so I asked her if I could go with her. It was the fastest Costco trip ever. We arrived at about 5:10 and were loading up the car at 6:00. It was like Supermarket Sweep up in there!

I got a bunch of fruit and veggies for Shepherd so I can do large batches of food for him. We are doing a modified baby-led weaning. We give him large pieces of carrot and pear to gnaw on but we also do pureed versions. He just eats a lot more that way.

We had a super busy day on Sunday! We accidentally slept in really late, so we started getting ready for Owen's 3rd birthday party and headed over there. While we were hanging out, I started to get a migraine! We got home at 3:30 and I went straight to bed.

It was Bryan's birthday and I was really starting to stress because we had tickets to go see Brian Regan perform in Visalia. Bryan's mom and step-dad give a family gift every year for Christmas and this was it! I really didn't want to miss it. I took my migraine medicine, drank some coffee hoping the caffeine would help and I slept. I started to feel better and I made it! We had a great time!

Bryan decided that Monday got to be an extension of his birthday since we really didn't have time to celebrate him on Sunday, so we went to lunch with his Dad (who he had seen only for a few minutes on Sunday at the comedy show...He had purchased tickets as well.) and that snowballed into spending the whole day together.

There was ping pong, pizza and froyo on the agenda and I started to feel pressured that nothing had gotten done in the house, so I went home to shake off some bad juju and clean up the house.

I went around the living room and put everything that didn't belong into a plastic bucket. I threw away any trash, making sure to grab that pine scented candle from Christmas. I also put away the laundry that Bryan had cycled through and laid out on the couch. After that was done, I went to the other rooms to put everything away that was in the plastic bucket. It helped me streamline because I often get side-tracked while I am cleaning. Instead of completing an entire room, I'll do like ten percent of every room. Not super effective. I made sure to jot down some items for Bryan to get done this week so that we are on the same page.

One thing I'd really like to do this weekend is deep clean and reorganize the kitchen cabinets. Everything in there is just super crazy and it works against us! It'll also help when I'm ready to pull the trigger on my freezer meal preparation.

All in all, a very full, busy weekend! I felt good about tackling some projects but made sure to just have some down time too. I want to get to the point where work on the weekends is minimal. That means doing more after work during the week so that I can spend more one-on-one time with Shepherd on the weekend and also get in a little Megan time too!


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