Monday, August 18, 2014

New Babies and Old Friends

What. A. Weekend.

Friday afternoon I left work an hour early because my best friend Colleen had her baby. I almost missed it because she had the fastest labor ever. I'm so proud of her and Jordan. They are great parents.

Benjamin was born at 4:24pm and after all the family and everything, I got to meet him around 7:15! I felt so lucky to be one of the first people to hold sweet Benjamin and congratulate his parents. I went in at the same time as his Godmother, Hanna, who was over the moon to meet her Godson! So precious.

My mom and Jordan's mom were best friends when we were younger and Jordan is like family to me. We were really close as kids and most of my 'cousin' memories are with him. I would follow him around their dairy and he taught me how to drive a golf cart. We would play and climb in the cotton and when were really young, we'd play power rangers and cops and robbers. We'd get together almost every Saturday as kids and get donuts and play. Best memories ever!

Many of you know that Colleen and I became very close before and during I was pregnant and she has been very important to my overall sanity my first year and a half of marriage. What you may not know is that her Dad was my Dad's best man when my mom and dad got hitched! Our families have known each other for a long, long time but we never really ran in the same circles.

How lucky am I that Colleen and I became close and that her husband and I have been family forever! And now, a new layer, knowing Benjamin and envisioning our boys playing cops and robbers together and eating donuts. I'm so honored to be a part of their life and I can't wait for our boys to drive us nuts and cause all kinds of mayhem.

Speaking of Hanna, Saturday morning was her bridal shower! We got to spend some girl time together and eat really yummy food. My hair was actually really pretty and curly that day but I just look awful in general in this picture. Ugh! Hopefully Colleen's mom, who snapped a picture of us, took a better one. Cause mine is rough. Eeek.

Sunday, we...wait for it... went to church! Whaaaat. Yeah, we're going to church again. Apparently. Hopefully it sticks. I enjoyed being there and Shepherd loved his class. :)

After church we put Shepherd down for his nap and I put the finishing touches on a homework assignment that was due. We watched TV, took naps... it was a really nice afternoon. Then we met up with my childhood friend, Ryan, for some pizza and beer.

 Ryan and I have been friends since fourth grade and I adore him. He's a great person and it was nice to see him in the flesh. Right now, he's stationed in Louisiana and his last visit we didn't get to see each other. The last time I saw him was summer in 2009.

Crazy. This is a picture we took at the fair in 2009! I can't believe it had been five years. Jeesh. It was great to see him interact with Shepherd and chat with Bryan. There isn't really a better feeling that when one of your best friends gets to know the people you love most in the world... ya know?

Bryan and I ended Sunday with a really good discussion about life. We have a lot of moving parts these days and it was nice to talk about whats going on and where we are headed. More on that in another blog. :)

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!


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