Monday, September 15, 2014

I dropped an F-bomb right before Journey Group...

Wednesday evening was our first small group, which our church (it's weird to say type that) lovingly calls Journey groups. Makes sense. They encourage their rather large congregation to break off and get to know each other and walk through life together.

Bryan and I have been attempting this thing called attending church. Bryan is all for it and I'm on the fence. Considering that out of the four weeks we've gone, I made us late to three of them. Last week, I'll have you know, that I was ready a half hour before church began. So you know, I'm amazing. It only took Bryan and I getting into four fights about it before we collectively decided that while he got to sleep in (like every other day) I get to wake up at my normal time (too early) so that I can get ready in peace.

So last week I got to sleep in a whole zero days. Add in a rather frustrating project on charter school petitions which meant lots of late nights. Dumb.

Back to Journey Group. Let me set the scene by going back to Sunday. Sunday we went to church but while we were there, I started not to feel so good. Like... not at all good. When I got home, I got straight in bed and ended up with some weird stomach flu/virus thing that made me not eat for more than 24 hours. I felt absolutely terrible. I missed work on Monday and I've just been thrown off my game all week. Food is not a friend, you get what I mean?

Bryan hasn't been feeling so hot either so we're just amazing to be around. I told Bryan on Tuesday evening what was for dinner on Wednesday AND THEN reminded him in the morning to take out some tilapia from the freezer. How irritated was I when I got home and was told that we would not be cooking dinner because there wasn't "time". Frying up some fish, microwaving some green beans and there wasn't time?????

I decided not to pursue a fight because I am extremely mature and decided we'd pick something up. Bryan had been in charge of figuring out the details of our group because he is familiar with the people who are hosting it. Do you know what he didn't do? Figure out the time, place or phone number of the hosts. We had zero information about where we were going.

Add another layer of irritation.

I keep pushing Bryan to help me figure it out and get Shepherd ready so we can get out the door to grab food and he's about as helpful as a bump on a log. In complete frustration I call HIS MOTHER and she gets me the information which..... sigh. It is now 5:56pm and we're pretty sure the group starts at 6:30. I'm like hustling to get everything together and we leave.

We had a hard time deciding where to go. I wanted to go to a Subway that was close to where the house was. Bryan decided to go to Port of Subs which was farther away from the house. We go in and there is a line. When I go up to order I ask Bryan what he wants and he says he doesn't want anything.

I'm so sorry, but I almost lost my SHIT right there. Like, we started whispering back and forth to each other in that way that married couples do when they are pissed at each other in public... You've either seen it or done it. No judgement.

I inhale my sandwich and we arrive right before 6:30....................................except there are no cars. We got there a half hour early. Group starts at SEVEN. As I was getting the diaper bag out of the car I made some comment that most definitely had the f-word in it. I just ate food in .2 seconds when my stomach has been completely ridiculous all week. I paid for that all evening/night long.

As the host is doing last minute house cleaning and dishes and getting coffee set up, she's also making small talk with her lame guests that showed up thirty minutes early.

It was all good. It's par for the course for most people trying to get to church, something always goes wrong. I am never more of a heinous biotch than I am on Sunday mornings. We will all face adversity when we are trying to breathe something good into our lives.

That adversity may cause us to utter a few cuss words or bicker with our significant others, but the end result is worth the struggle. Soon there will be less and less of the adversity and the joy of attending, creating new relationships and strengthening others is worth it. A routine will be formed and the struggle you faced trying to better your life will be a distant memory.


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