Friday, August 15, 2014

KJUG Free Summer Concert Series: Scotty McCreery

I haven't watched American Idol for a few years now, but I've managed to stay in the "know" of who's who on the show. To be perfectly honest, I'm in a weird rap/rock music phase and although country is near and dear to my heart, I've been by-passing the country stations for quite some time now.

When Bryan asked if I wanted to go see Scotty McCreery I was pretty meh. about it. With work and school I just couldn't muster up the get-up-and-go but he insisted. He had been stuck in the house and needed to be around adults out in public. So off we went. 

It was packed. Like... Sardines in a can packed. 

This is not even remotely close to the entire crowd, either. We sat with Rick in a spot he had saved from earlier in the day by the tree to the very right. Most of the time we couldn't see Scotty, even though we were close. Most of the people stood right in the front which pretty much blocked anyone else from seeing anything at all. I shot up to take a few photos and then sat right back down so others could do the same. The lady with the Sons of Anarchy shirt ended up putting her child on her husbands shoulders which blocked the view even further. 

Not what I would classify as good concert-in-a-park etiquette but whatever. 

Papa ended up sitting and playing with Shepherd for most of the time which seemed to be perfectly fine with both of them. Two peas in a pod, those two. Papa got extra points for helping him eat his applesauce pouch. The weather was REALLY nice that night which was great considering we've been having some cloud cover and humidity. The humidity makes our 100+ degree days impossible to deal with. I think everyone there appreciated the cooler night and tried to make the best of it. There was even a nice breeze but everyone was still sweating from being so close together.

The concert was only for an hour or so. We left a few songs before it ended so that we didn't have to deal with the crowds and could get Shepherd down at his normal bedtime. Although I'm not sure it was worth all the effort, it was a nice night and I enjoyed Scotty. He had a great personality and was engaging with the crowd. He also doesn't sing every song in that super deep register of his and he busted out a few classics from Johnny Cash, Elvis and a few others that I can't remember. I was pleasantly surprised. 

I did manage to take a little video. Shepherd was playing with the cane of Rick's girlfriends Moms and kept almost hitting her with it. She was very gracious about it but it made me panicky. You could tell he felt quite bad about it the first time it happened, but then did it again towards the end of the video. 

He's such a sweet boy. I adore him! All in all, I'm glad Bryan encouraged us to go. We had a good time and it was nice to be out with the community!


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