Monday, August 4, 2014

It Could Happen to Anyone...Right?

On Saturday, we had plans to meet with my mom and Larry for a quick lunch at In-N-Out. My mom just got back from the Azores and wanted it before going home to crash. During Shepherds nap, we put in a movie and I played around with my makeup... Trying new techniques, you know. The usual. (Except not really.)

I had joked to Bryan and his brother Seth, who was staying with us, that I would go out of the house with two different eye looks going on. And then I did. Oh man. On my way to lunch I realized that I had, in fact, walked out of the house with bright teal on one eye and one gray and gold. I was horrified. Everyone had a really good laugh at that one. Luckily I had sunglasses with me and I wore them the entire time. Jeez.


Today is my first school session and I needed to have headphones with a microphone piece. So yesterday, I video called Denise to make sure it all worked, and luckily for me, she was just having dinner and her friends workplace. One that is know for its Jewish fare.

As we are talking, I joke that I don't know where to put the microphone and I fiddle with it to make really close to my lips, which looks like a mustache. I then crack a few jokes about it looking like a Hitler 'stache. AND THEN I REMEMBER THE JEWISH PART. So, Denise and I start laughing until we are crying and again, mortified. I think she was sitting by herself, so I'm praying no one heard.

I can't be the only one that this kind of stuff happens to....right?


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