Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Confirmed...

Michael and I have called it quits.

I was pretty sad yesterday. I finally broke down right before dinner with Mom, Larry and Denise and Me N Ed's, which of course, my mom noticed immediately. When Dee and I got home, I spoke with Michael over the internet and we finalized everything.

It's really disappointing when a relationship that you had pretty high hopes for disintegrates. When Michael and I first started talking, it was amazing. We'd stay up until all hours of the night, whether it was online, on the phone, once at Monroe and once at Kings River. It was very easy, never forced.

I was always pretty amazed that he was interested. I'm an old fashioned good girl and he is more mainstream. When he would tell me that he was getting tired of the 'party life' and wanted to grow up, I believed him. He seemed pretty old fashioned himself... Oh well. For now, I'm too jaded to even try to figure out what was real in the relationship and what wasn't.

All day today I tried hard to not think about him or our relationship, because every time I do my heart starts fluttering and I get this sad pain in my chest. I'm really bummed but I have to be honest, I hate feeling this way, knowing that on his end, he's fine. I wish I could just shrug it off and not let it affect me, but it's hard.

On a lighter note, I got a lot done at work today. Kim was having a huge issue with Excel for most of the morning and she finally asked me for help. She showed me that every time she tried to collapse the subtotals on her salary schedule she would lose three lines of employees. After tweaking with it for a good five minutes and trying to figure out the problem, I told her to go throw each cell in the line so I could look at the codes. BEHOLD! There was a incorrect code in the cell which was causing it to collapse. She was pretty impressed. She was also pretty bummed that she had spent the whole morning on this problem and it ended up being solved in seven minutes by me. But it boosted my ego a bit and left me feeling good.

Right now, I'm hearing Vanity Fair playing in Denise's room. The poor girl is sick. She is also drugged up, which means I'm going to have to find my camera so I can video her craziness. It's always good for a laugh after she's done being sick. :)

Well, I'm off to work on Latchkey. I brought some invoices home with me and I plan on popping in a movie and watching as I work.


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