Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Day... Another Dollar

Let me start out by saying that I had a pretty good day today.

First, my Dad stopped by this morning to give me some paperwork and it was good seeing him, even if I was wearing the Sigma Pi-neapple Express t-shirt that Michael got me. Which brings me to my second...

I spoke with Michael today. I had dreams about him all night. I. Miss. Him. More than yesterday. It seems every day I miss him more. Michael has had a really bad week. A good friend of his took his life and that has jolted him and their group of friends. I wish that I could be more.. there..for Michael right now. I want to hug him and try to make him feel better. I wish I could hold his hand or kiss him. This is way harder than I ever thought it would be. I thought I was guarding my heart after Bryan... but at some point and I don't know when, I started to raise that gate that separated Michael and my heart...

Well, the third thing I had to write about was work. I was on fire today. In order to take my mind off of my second on this list, I have thoroughly thrown myself into work. I got so much done. I started projects and actually finished them. It's really nice to have that finality at work, because I'm feeling so undone in most other areas.

Right before I was leaving for the day my friend Michael B. (who I will call Mike, to make it less confusing) text messaged me and basically ordered me to go run errands with him. So I did. I wasn't planning on announcing that Michael and I were no longer together, but I showed him the picture of my Mom and I eating Filhose (Portuguese Doughnuts) on Fat Tuesday and asked if he had had any. He grabbed my phone and this was the following conversation.

Mike: "Oh my gosh. Who is this girl? Is she single??"
Me: "Which one?"
Mike: "Which one? (pause...) Is one of them single?"
Me: "Uhh... (pause, trying to decide what to say).. yes."
Mike: "Oh. (shocked face) Your Mom and Larry got a divorce?" (jokingly)
Me: "Yeah...cause all of a sudden we've entered the twilight zone."
Mike: "What happened?"
Me: (Tells story) "Please don't tell anyone. It kind of sunk my self-esteem."
Mike: (looks at me like I'm an idiot) He ditched you to lock himself in an apartment? He DITCHED you? Wow. He's insane. Any guy that would do that to YOU is insane."

We dropped it after that. His reaction kind of confused me. I didn't quite understand why he emphasized the YOU in that last sentence. Anyways, I had also mentioned to him that I was dieting because I wanted to lose a good twenty pounds and he immediately freaked out. So he took me straight to Mickey D's where he ordered two ice cream cones. We sat in the parking lot, talked and ate. I'm not too mad at myself though because I pushed a good part of the top off into a bag so I ate less ice cream. I was pretty proud.

When he dropped me off, I helped Denise unload the rest of the dishes and we went off to Bath and Body Works to use a gift card we each had. I walked away with a Warm Vanilla Sugar Wallflower Plug In so my room, as I type, smells like, well, me! I also bought a new body cream called Moonlight Path. It's going to be really good to use right before bed. And the best part: We each received a free zebra print tote with purchase! It was awesome! I got a teal and white one, Denise got one that was black and white. We're going to use them to grocery shop.

Saving our world one plastic bag at a time. :)


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