Monday, July 21, 2014

The Calm Before The Storm

I have a few different things to share with you about my weekend, but before I do I wanted to show you a quick hair re-do I did at work. On my break, I sent this picture to Denise to show her that I had one of those really thick eyeliner days, where you plan to do a thin line but it just keeps getting thicker and thicker? I also was having a bad hair day and so we laughed about bringing the bump back. Before I ended my break, I realized how bad my hair really looked when I hit up the ladies' room. I took my hair down (and made sure to use take a funny picture for Denise, cause, duh, and then used my monitor to fix it. I think it came out alright, don't you?  

I'm about to spend five nights away from my son and to say I'm freaking out about it is an absolute understatement. It's going to be very difficult for me. While in LA, I'll be really busy so I'm hoping the days just fly by. The nights will be the hardest. :(

Saturday we had some special Momma/Shepherd time at the park. We had a great time exploring and we didn't have any accidents with ducks - so that was great! There was one moment where Shepherd tried to grab duck poop but I caught him in time. Boys are so gross.

(You can't see it but he raised his hand at the end. :)

Yesterday, we had a low key morning, where I focused mostly on playing with Shepherd and reading a book for school. Denise was in town, so we got together for a few hours. We ran a few errands and then picked up the boys to go over to my Mom and Larry's house to swim! Denise had to leave early but we stayed for dinner. It was a great time just hanging out with Larry in the backyard. My Mom is in the Azores right now she missed out on the fun. :)

Although I'll be gone this weekend, I have some posts lined up so you won't miss me too bad. Also, I'm going to be tweeting, so make sure to follow me on Twitter, @meganlauriana. I'll be tweeting about what I'm dealing with at school and also all the many times I make a fool out of myself. You can enjoy my awkward from afar. 

Hope you have a great week!


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