Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Freedom Rings

We celebrated the Fourth over at my Mom and Larry's house this year. We just BBQ, swim and hangout. Alison made a strawberry pizza and I helped her out:

Don't mind that I look like crap and am slightly blurry. My mom took the photo without her glasses on and also, I looked like crap. I was still jacked up from locking Shepherd in the car. It was a rough night for me and generally a restless night. As soon as I walked in Alison handed me some tequila and limeade and said "drink." It was needed. 

Before Shepherd's second nap of the day, we played in the pool. He loves the water. 

Larry BBQ'd a bunch of food and we ate chips and seven layer dip, it was perfect. 

Then, Alison and I had a handstand contest, with my mom, my niece, Alison's husband Mark being the judges. We had such a great time trying to do the handstands that we would do all summer long when we were kids. We also used to flip our hair over our head to make George Washington wigs - so we taught my niece to do the same! Such a nostalgic moment. 

Later on that evening, we did the fireworks! 

Shepherd LOVED the fireworks, even though he had a low fever he was still so into it. As soon as the show was over he was out. Poor guy. 

The whole day was just so much fun. I enjoyed every moment of it! 


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