Friday, May 16, 2014

Tried It: Nailed or Failed it? A Spin on Topsy Tail Hair

I'm starting a new series on the ol' blog. It's going to be a semi regular event where I take tutorials off the internet and try them. This isn't going to be limited to any one thing. I'll try recipes, beauty tutorials, life hack tutorials. Whatever. I'll be putting them to the test and seeing if I nailed it or if I totally failed it. There may also be slight modifications to the tutorials for personal preference, but mostly I'm going to stick to what the tutorial says.

I decided to call it Tried It: Nailed or Failed it? Because I'm creative.

Since this is the first one, I wanted to start out somewhat simply. I decided to try this:

I found this via pinterest and when I clicked to follow the link it took me somewhere weird. I didn't go to because It seemed fairly self explanatory. 

Before we get to the good part, let me tell you how I prepped my hair. I washed it the night before and put it in two braids, like a four year old. I went to sleep and in the morning, I used a diffuser to dry it the rest of the way and maintain the texture. Ain't nobody got time to curl hair in the morning for an updo. I then change the part of my hair from the center to the left side, because I need a bit more volume in the area. 

Drumroll, please....

I decided to go for a bun at the bottom because I don't like the nub look on the tutorial. That's just me. I also didn't do as many as her because I was getting ready for work, yo. 

Overall,  I think I nailed it. It's really pretty and super effortless. I would say this works best on second or third day hair, with leftover curls for texture. The top is kind of crazy but I like the undone look of it. 

Also, after taking this picture I used another bobby pin to secure the top of my bun. 

I plan to try this hairdo out a few more times to see if I can really master it, but for the first attempt, it's passable! 


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