Monday, April 28, 2014

Four or More Tag, Because Why Not?

I've been seeing this pop up on YouTube and thought it was such a neat tag. How often have we fallen in love with a beauty product and went to stock up when they were on sale? This tag was created by ItsKeersten (click the link to see the original four or more video) and I considered myself tagged by EmilyNoel83, whom I watch regularly.

I knew that I would for sure have four or more of some things, but I was actually surprised! I guess I didn't realize that I reach of the same products time and again. What can I say, when it works, it works.

I took these pictures at ten at night on my living room rug. Because I'm a professional.

I don't know why, but I was surprised by how many lip products I have. I shouldn't have been, considering this picture I posted on Instagram a while back:

I was carrying all of that.... in my purse. Every Day. 

Yeah I shouldn't have been surprised. 

Back to my four or more collection, if you look closely, you'll see that I have two sets of lip products that only have three. Yup, I'm breaking the rules. 


I figure, I have three and I would have all of them if I could. So, I included them. I'm going to start with the products I have the most of and end with the least. 

Internet, meet Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter. I adore these. Seriously. They are just so comfortable on the lips, nice and sparkly but totally appropriate. I love them. 

060 Gum Drop
This is super neon purple and I like pairing it with NYX Castle (which you'll see later.)

027 Juicy Papaya
This is my most recent purchase and it is perfect for spring! I love it.

095 Creme Brulee

025 Peach Parfait 
This is the first one I purchased - a long, long time ago - and you can tell I love it. It's almost gone. I'll be definitely repurchasing.

045 Cotton Candy

050 Berry Smoothie

070 Cherry Tart

They have so many great colors, I love them. I didn't swatch all of these because I didn't think of it. Oh well. 

To be perfectly honest.... I didn't purchase these Shimmer Glosses from eyes.lips.face. I KNOW. My friend Denise did. While I was visiting her in LA, she gave them to me because she wasn't a fan of the consistency. I, however, love them! They are so light, only stick if you glob it on. I love the pigmentation and they just feel so....smooth. I would TOTALLY buy all of the colors. And it's e.l.f. Cheap and awesome. Boom. These colors are (from left to right) Love, Hope, Inspire and Dream. 

These are the Wet & Wild lipsticks. Super affordable, great pigmentation and a good range of colors. I really love 903C. So pretty. 

I'm sure everyone has heard of the NYX shadow sticks. These are great bases. I use Milk (the white) the most. It makes eyeshadow colors really pop. Next to that, I use Sparkle Nude. It's a great highlight color in the inner corner. I use the brown as a crease color and have only use the blue has a pop of color below the bottom lash line. 

I wrote about these shadows before and I like them. I use the white for the inner corner highlight or even for the brow bone.  The pink and the brown are so pretty all over the lid for one product eyeshadow looks. The blue I've used in the center of the eyelid for a pop of color or to lighten a darker, smokier look. I haven't tried these wet and I wonder if the blue would be cute used with an eyeliner brush? Hmm. Here are the previous photos I shared, they show the colors way better. 

Okay, time for the honorable mentions. I almost have four of each of these and that has to mean something right?! I picked up these three NYX lipsticks when I picked up the individual eyeshadows above. I wear them all the time - especially Castle.

I am straight up obsessed with purple lips. Seriously. I mix Castle with Revlon Gumdrop and it is bright and bold. I love it. On more neutral days I will gravitate towards Rose Bud and I just love the color and tone of Doll. So pretty.

These are the Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor's in Delicious, Eternal and Honeyed. I just noticed that the NYX lipsticks is a purple, a red and a neutrally pink. I'm sure a creature of habit. Insane. Anyways, I've been know to mix Honeyed with Castle and Gum Drop to tone down the purple. Makes it a bit more wearable. 

Anyways, that is all folks! My four or more. I'm glad this wasn't a collection post because my lip product collection is ridiculous. 


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