Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March Recap and April Challenge: Oops, I'm Late.

Not the pregnant kind of late. I realized last week that I never did a March recap and I also haven't posted my April challenge. Bad blogger! 

In March, I tried to focus on healthier eating and specifically, cooking at home. We definitely did a LOT better, but still not anywhere near acceptable. I haven't quite worked out the kinks of stocking a fridge and eating it all. 

Even with a meal plan, I'm stumped. I've switched from stocking the fridge up all the way to just going week by week... maybe two weeks with one grocery trip. But more often than not we won't have a plan for dinner and instead of making do we'll opt to grab town food. 

This does not help my quest for health, my waistline OR the pocketbook. You know what I'm saying? 

I do feel that we are transitioning. A few nights Bryan and I didn't have a plan for dinner and he quickly defrosted some of the frozen hamburger patties or taco meat that I had previously made. With the leftovers from that, plus cooking fresh meals, we ate at home a lot more often. However, until the scale has tipped to eating at home every night and eating town food rarely, I won't consider it a win. Habits still need to be adjusted and formed. 

Which brings us to April. All this month I will be working on my stress levels and how to relax, how to cope and how to survive my anxiety and work through it. I've been really stressed out because we have a lot coming up. There is just so much on my plate and I've freaked out a few times on Bryan because it seems impossible to do everything. I need to channel my stress and focus on the tasks at hand. Not just bombard my brain with all the lists of things that need to be accomplished.

This is going to be hard. Most people have no idea because I'm pretty good at living with stress. Living with stress and COPING with stress are two different things. Most of the time I just stuff everything stressful way down deep in my soul and it explodes into a huge debilitating migraine. I'm tired of feeling bounded by stress. I'm ready to break through it. 

How am I going to do it? So far I have been breathing deeply throughout the day. I've been stretching on my breaks and taking quick walks outside when I need to clear my head. Shepherd has learned how to "dance" so I've been dancing with him which is probably the best thing in the world. I've been going to bed on time and waking up earlier. 

I've downloaded the Couch to 5k app, because I really want to start running. I feel like by training myself to run I will be able to clear my mind, have a sense of freedom and give my body the activity it crazy in one fell swoop. 

Of course, I have no desire to run in any kind of marathon, but the concept of getting off the couch and running is what I need. Attending the conference and planning Shepherd's birthday has really messed up my workout schedule, so I'll be hitting it hard the next two weeks. I have a lot of make up for in the losing weight front but since I'm entering a very busy stage of life it's a better time than any to start! 


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