Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tribe Tuesday: All about Easter

I don't know about you but this weekend was pretty great on our end! On Friday, Shepherd and I went to Bryan's moms house to spend time with the family. We ate tacos and watched as everyone dyed their eggs. After everything was cleaned up, we sat around in the garage talking and Shepherd danced his little heart out and we sang to some classic rock. I was too busy being in the moment to take any pictures. It was lovely. I always have a great time when I hang out with them!

Saturday was an extremely busy day. Bryan's paternal side of the family have been doing the 'Easter Campout' for years now. I know it's been happening over thirty years, but I'm not sure if it's gotten to thirty-five yet... Anyways, everyone shows up right after lunch time (or nap time if they have kids) they set up awnings to chill under and the whole day is filled with different activities! A lot of family members pitch tents in the area surrounding our cousins house and spend the night. We haven't done that in a long time, mostly because Sunday is always so crazy with travelling to events on my side of the family.

We got there right around three and my father-in-law had already set up an area for us to hang out in. We all hung out and chatted for a while and then the annual wiffle ball game started! I haven't played since the first like... three years I attended. Usually, I will sit and read a book, cheering in between pages. This year I was on Shepherd duty! So we played, watched and I chased him around. When the sun started setting, the shuffleboard tournament started and the fire pit is lit up. We roast hot dogs and s'mores. It's a fun family day!

This is Bryan's cousin Kaci and her sweet baby girl, Spencer.

Shepherd's first Easter Campout!!!

We got home right around ten, so I immediately dyed the eggs we had boiled earlier. To save time and energy, I "decorated" them with leftover tattoos from Shepherd's carnival! I ended up putting a mustache one on my finger and I made Bryan let me put one on him. It was fun. Also, we were so exhausted and delirious at this point! 

The next day all three of us slept in until 10am! Totally crazy. We were so tired but I did not expect us to sleep in so late, so of course we were rushing all morning. I forgot to get a picture of our Easter basket. I asked Bryan if we were going to do the Easter Bunny, since we really don't put an emphasis on Santa. He didn't think we should either so then we had to decide if we were going to do Easter baskets. Bryan didn't think it was necessary but I want our kids to have the experience, so I made the executive decision and planned for a Family Easter Basket. Every year there will be one basket of goodies for the whole family to enjoy and maybe a small individual present for each kid we have. 

This year I did three items, since there are three of us. I purchased a book, a movie and a water bottle for Shepherd. The book I picked up was Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. I purchased it from Target for $9.99 and now wish I would have checked Amazon. Way cheaper. Dang it. 

The movie I picked up was Frozen. I really wanted The Lion King since Bryan loves that movie, but it wasn't there. I didn't know what else to pick and the basic DVD version of Frozen was on sale so I was like, okay. We watched it Sunday morning and can I just say how much I love Kristen Bell? The only reason I watch that movie is for Anna's character. Anyways, then we took the long drive (a whole five houses!) to my Moms house to eat Easter lunch, hunt eggs and hang out. It was so fun. 

I have been working with Shepherd to pick things up and put them "away". Most of the time he picks something up and throws it, but he's been consistently handing me items and putting them in the toy box when I ask him to help clean up. I figured he wouldn't have the attention span to hunt eggs but figured we'd at least get a photo of him putting an egg in a basket. To my surprise, he loved it! He found some eggs on his own, would pick them up and put them right in the basket. It was just the cutest thing. 

I didn't really think through the fact that I would be in pictures and I had slipped on my brother in laws flip flops to go outside. I look ridiculous with those huge shoes on, but they are the rainbow brand and they are SO COMFORTABLE. I need some. Preferably ones that fit my feet.

Anyways, it was a great day! Shepherd was so well behaved, even though the weekend was full of long days. He is such a happy little guy. The only way this holiday could have been better is if my sister Alison and her kiddos had been there to hunt eggs with us!


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